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Ani Mshetsyan

Parliamentarians considered it necessary to carry structural and  fundamental reforms in RA Police

Parliamentarians considered it necessary to carry structural and  fundamental reforms in RA Police

ArmInfo.Reforms in the police system have been included in our campaign. On May 27 from the rostrum of the parliament during discussion of amendments to the laws "On Police" and "On Police Service", MP from the "My Step" bloc Armen  Pambukhchyan stated.

He noted that the new Police would be able to strengthen public  confidence in the body as a whole. <This will help change public  attitudes towards the Police. Moreover, we believe that thanks to  these reforms, the fight against crime will become more effective>,  the MP emphasized.

In turn, MP from the "My Step" faction Sarkis Khandanyan noted that  after the revolution this is one of the main reforms. <Thus, reforms  in the police system begin. Speaking about human rights, we often  encounter certain problems in the law enforcement system that should  not be there. We also face various challenges related to  opportunities and education. And this system will increase the  capabilities and education of police officers. The main task of the  patrol service will be to protect citizens. It is the police that  will become friends of the people, and not vice versa>, the MP noted.

Vice-Speaker of the National Assembly from the Prosperous Armenia  faction Vahe Enfiajyan noted that he welcomes such reforms. <In  general, I am in favor of reforms in various systems in law  enforcement agencies, including the Police. But, as of today there  are bodies that are on the edge of the abyss, and very large funds  are allocated for this system. It seems to me that in a crisis, it is  better to distribute income>, the Vice-Speaker said.

Arkady Khachatryan, MP from the Prosperous Armenia faction, said this  was a very important reform.  <However, I believe that if the same  policemen work in the new system, then essentially nothing will  change. If we cannot make structural and systemic changes, then we  will not succeed. And the connection of the people with the police  will not begin to work. It is necessary to understand what  requirements will be imposed on police officers so that all this  changes the attitude towards the body as a whole>, Khachatryan  stated.

In turn, in her closing speech, Deputy Minister of Justice Kristine  Grigoryan noted that the reforms would not be superficial. Responding  to a comment by Arkady Khachatryan, Grigoryan noted that she was  aware that no change of equipment and clothing would solve systemic  issues. <Testing will be conducted to determine the various qualities  of the Police. They will implement various programs and courses to  improve the quality of police education. Both priority tasks and less  systemic ones will be included in these courses, in short, we will do  our best to ensure that the police carry out structural and  fundamental reforms, "the deputy minister concluded.  To note, the  parliament is considering a package of bills to amend the laws "On  Police" and "On Police Service". The presented package proceeds from  the reform strategy of the police system, approved by the government  on April 23 and the program of measures for 2020-2023. The first  reform package provides for the establishment of a patrol service,  which will be different from the traffic police and the patrol  service.  The primary task of the patrol service will be to maintain  public order, prevent crimes and facilitate their disclosure, as well  as draw up acts of administrative offenses.

In forming the service, an open competition will be held. Prior to  appointment to the respective posts, all candidates will have to  undergo a 5-month special educational program. The patrol service  will first be deployed in Yerevan, and is expected to happen in the  first quarter of 2021. A year later, in the first quarter of 2022, it  should be introduced in the regions of the country.

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