Wednesday, May 27 2020 12:32
Karina Manukyan

Minister: The upcoming holidays are dangerous from the point of view  of COVID-19

Minister: The upcoming holidays are dangerous from the point of view  of COVID-19

ArmInfo. The upcoming four days of holidays are dangerous from the point of view of COVID-19. Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia Arayik Harutyunyan announced this at the government meeting on May  27.

The Minister informed that, despite the call to educational  institutions not to hold events in connection with the end of the  school year, we have received alarming signals. Harutyunyan noted  that the control work in this direction will be continued, recalling  that earlier the ministry promised to conduct the Farewell Bell to  stabilize the situation with coronavirus. Another danger lies in  pilgrimage places, where, according to numerous reports, large  throngs of people are recorded. In this regard, the Minister urged  the Police to exercise control at the most popular cultural and  architectural monuments.

For his part, the head of the Bureau for the Coordination of  Inspection Bodies Artur Asoyan said that over the past week, due to  the violation of anti-epidemiological rules, 87 catering facilities  were suspended for 24 hours and, and it is expected, that  Commandant's Office today will  made  a similar decision in respect  of another 12 ones. In addition, for the indicated period, the work  of 290 business entities that also violated safety rules was stopped  for 24 hours. Asoyan informed that special attention during  monitoring will be given to places of mass congestion of citizens -  manufacturing enterprises, banks and shops. As for kindergartens,  none of them has yet been closed due to violations, but their  attendance is extremely low - only 8.3%.

Chief of the RA Police, Arman Sargsyan, pointed out that over the  past week, for violation of anti- epidemiological rules, 966  protocols on administrative offenses were drawn up, of which 240 -  for the absence of masks, 657 - for violation of security measures in  public transport and taxi. Today, checkpoints have been installed on  interregional roads to strengthen control over citizens' compliance  with COVID-19 safety rules.

RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan also said that since yesterday in  the administrative districts, relevant raids have been carried out to  identify violators of anti-epidemiological measures.  In total, 7774  cases of coronavirus were confirmed in the republic, 3255 people  recovered, 98 died.  Currently, 4377 patients are receiving  treatment. 

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