Wednesday, May 27 2020 12:11
Alina Hovhannisyan

Beeline will help corporate customers in developing an internal  network

Beeline will help corporate customers in developing an internal  network

ArmInfo.Beeline announces the launch of a service for building a local network for corporate clients, installing server and network equipment and connections,  which will be available when connecting to the Corporate Internet or  Corporate VPN services.

According to the press service of the company, the internal network  will have a year of guaranteed service and will provide an  opportunity to combine and share a computer network, servers,  printers and other devices, thus combining information services into  one system, minimizing network management and maintenance costs, and  ensuring high reliability and availability of the network, high  quality of service in the case of using various software  applications.

Beeline Armenia General Director Andrei Pyatakhin noted that earlier,  in order to connect to the Corporate Internet or Corporate VPN  services, customers had to build an internal network on their own.  "From now on, business clients do not need to contact a third party,  Beeline employees will provide a full package of services,  networking, connections and testing," he said. The service is  available 12/18/24 months in the event of a contract.

For more information, corporate clients can visit the website by calling 010700700 (during business hours),  writing a message to Beeline Business's Facebook page. An email  address is also available for application. 

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