Monday, May 25 2020 12:33
Alina Hovhannisyan

Prime Minister: Business entities that do not comply with the  requirements of the Commandant`s Office will be punished in all  severity

Prime Minister: Business entities that do not comply with the  requirements of the Commandant`s Office will be punished in all  severity

ArmInfo. Economic entities that do not comply with the safety rules approved by the Commandant under the emergency conditions will be punished with all severity. The  Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan stated this  live from his Facebook page.

He noted that in about 80% of cases the  source of coronavirus infection in Armenia is the industrial sector  and the service sector. In particular, in this regard, the prime  minister referred to the banking sector, which accounted for the  lion's share of infections. He explained that in the implementation  of 9 packages of anti- crisis measures (which provides for lump-sum  payments to citizens who are not registered on the labor market and  have minor children), numerous cases of infection have been  identified, which indicates the improper implementation of the  Commandant's instructions.

In this vein, Pashinyan emphasized that from now on control over the  implementation of security rules will be strengthened, violators of  which will be strictly punished. <This is not about closing for 24  hours, we will close for longer periods, if necessary for a month,  for two. And the names of violators will be published so that the  public knows which representatives of the service sector do not  properly comply with the sanitary and epidemiological rules and are  risky in terms of the spread of the virus, "he emphasized.  The prime  minister once again stated that in this matter, as well as in his  activity as a whole, he is guided by the principle that a change in  reality begins with a change in thinking and personality behavior.

Pashinyan also noted that it is likely that the growth rate of  infections will be reduced to zero if the culture of proper wearing  of masks is observed, in particular, the quality of wearing and the  quality of the mask itself. In this vein, he noted that soon a de  jure decision will be made on the mandatory wearing of masks to all  trading entities (both sellers and buyers) on absolutely all trading  platforms. At the same time, the Prime Minister emphasized that  wearing a mask in a car, which is considered as a closed area, is  mandatory if there are still people in the cabin, even if they are  members of the same family.

<If all the rules are observed, both regarding wearing masks and in  terms of hand disinfection, we will be able to reset the number of  infections. If the question is that we should apply strict  administrative sanctions, then we will apply them. But our appeal and  belief that citizens will show a high level of awareness and  responsibility, observing all the requirements, will allow us to   defeat the pandemic>, he stressed. 

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