Monday, May 25 2020 11:10
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Armenia ranks 2nd among the countries of the Commonwealth in terms of  mortality from coronavirus

Armenia ranks 2nd among the countries of the Commonwealth in terms of  mortality from coronavirus

ArmInfo. The Johns Hopkins University presented an analysis of coronavirus mortality worldwide.

According to the Institute, one of the main indicators of the  severity of the COVID-19 pandemic is the mortality rate. Different  countries report very different ratios of mortality and morbidity  (this is the number of deaths from this disease divided by the number  of confirmed cases of infection), which experts believe is due to  various factors, from the number of tests performed, to the number of  older people in a particular country, and also the characteristics of  the health system.

According to statistics, the top ten countries most affected by  Covid-19 (the number of deaths is proportional to the number of  confirmed cases of infection or population, and not the largest  number of deaths in general), in particular: Belgium, France, Great  Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Switzerland  and the USA.

According to the statistics of cases of mortality and coronavirus  diseases by country, Armenia ranks 71st with mortality rates in 2.61  people per 100 thousand. Moreover, in the CIS countries plus Georgia,  Armenia ranks second after Moldova, which has a figure of 6.82;  followed by Russia 2.34; Belarus 2.05; Ukraine 1.36; Azerbaijan 0.49;  Tajikistan 0.48; Kyrgyzstan 0.22; Georgia 0.32; Kazakhstan 0.2;  Uzbekistan 0.04; Turkmenistan 0.

Disappointing results in the global statistics of the neighbors of  Armenia - Iran (- mortality rate 9 and 9th line in the overall  ranking) and Turkey 5.23 rate and 14th line).

The highest mortality rate for the number of infected people is in  the USA - 29.68. The top five also include: United Kingdom (55.28).  Italy (54.17), Spain (61.38) and France (42.12). The situation is the  best in Nepal, Malawi, Antigua and Barbuda, Libya and the West Bank  of the Gaza Strip

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