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Nikol Pashinyan shared his impressions of the trip to the Ararat  region

Nikol Pashinyan shared his impressions of the trip to the Ararat  region

ArmInfo.After a working visit to the Ararat region, Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan decided to share his impressions of the trip on his way back to  Yerevan.

So, during a live broadcast on Facebook, the Armenian prime minister  touched on issues voiced by the villagers, including the issue of  irrigation. "Certainly, some issues will be resolved. But, what I  thought during my entire visit, if these issues, including those  related to irrigation water, are resolved, this will not solve the  main problem. Why?  Since there will be a year when there will be a  lot of harvest and the price will be low, there will be a year when  on the contrary there will be little harvest and prices will grow.  There will be rain, hail, frost, drought. That is, there will be  similar problems from year to year. I believe that a solution to the  problem lies in changing thinking, "said the prime minister.  

According to Pashinyan, even with a small amount of irrigation water,  ten times more land can be cultivated, and today it is necessary to  change the culture of development of the agricultural sector of the   Republic of Armenia.  

According to the head of the executive body, the modern farmer has  already solved all the problems and every year he no longer thinks  about what the harvest will be, but plans how much he needs. The  prime minister noted that in the modern world, the crop does not  depend on the weather, but on planning.  

Pashinyan once again expressed his conviction that even if all  existing issues are resolved, the farmer in Armenia will not live  better until he changes his mindset. "It is necessary to resort to  modern agricultural technologies:  intensive agriculture; agriculture  based on a business model; agriculture based on land enlargement.  This should be our strategy," said the Prime Minister of Armenia,  adding that there is one problem in this area - this is knowledge.

He also called positive the fact that many villagers already accept  this fact. 

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