Friday, May 22 2020 15:20
Karina Manukyan

Torosyan: About 1000 citizens in isolated quarantine zones have  coronavirus

Torosyan: About 1000 citizens in isolated quarantine zones have  coronavirus

ArmInfo. About 1000 citizens in isolated quarantine zones have coronavirus. RA Minister of Healthcare Arsen Torosyan announced this during online discussions orgnized by the Public Council on May 22.

The Minister positively assessed the policy pursued by the  authorities to isolate citizens in quarantine zones, noting that this  helped to prevent an even greater spread of the disease from  potential virus carriers.  Meanwhile, the maintenance of this  category of citizens in hotel conditions required large resources,  and the continuation of the isolation strategy at this stage becomes  impossible. Thus, Armenia switches to a strategy of self-isolation of  citizens, and all available tools will be used to monitor compliance  with this regime. This, as the Minister noted, will allow keeping the  epidemiological situation under maximum control. Meanwhile, Torosyan  acknowledged that changing the strategy of isolating citizens to a  strategy of self-isolation would put a strain on the health system.

To recall, earlier it was reported that in connection with this,  primary care workers who will monitor the health status of  self-isolated citizens organize online special courses for patients  with coronavirus online.  Given the current lack of vaccines and  drugs from COVID-19, Torosyan noted that we must be prepared for a  long-term fight against the virus.

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