Friday, May 22 2020 14:29
Karina Manukyan

Torosyan explained the big difference between the number of  coronavirus cases in Armenia and Georgia

Torosyan explained the big difference between the number of  coronavirus cases in Armenia and Georgia

ArmInfo. RA Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan explained the big difference between the number of coronavirus cases in Armenia and Georgia.

During the on-line discussions initiated by the Public Council on May  22, the Minister drew attention to the fact that to this day more  stringent and more organized restrictive measures are in force in  Georgia, which, meanwhile, also affect price inflation and exchange  rates. Meanwhile, as noted by Torosyan, there are differences between  Georgia and Armenia in the methodology used in the case of  coronavirus. <The Georgian healthcare and anti-epidemiological  systems are significantly different from the Armenian ones, and not  in a good way. Our anti-epidemiological system is stronger, and this  is a fact>, he said. Torosyan expressed hope that, in addition to  Georgia, other neighboring countries - Russia and Iran, will be able  to strengthen their anti-epidemiological systems, which is important  for Armenia, taking into account the flow of citizens entering its  territory from these countries.

Speaking about the methodology for recording patients with  coronavirus used in Georgia, Torosyan voiced several questions.  Firstly, have PCR tests been used in all testing cases in Georgia, or  are we talking about quick tests, which are practically not used in  Armenia due to their low level of accuracy? Secondly, are citizens  with mild ARVI symptoms tested for coronavirus? Thirdly, are  coronavirus statistics included for people who have died from  pneumonia while having diagnosed COVID-19? The Minister recalled that  in Armenia, such cases of fatal outcomes are included in the  statistics, and separate statistics are also conducted for patients  with COVID-19 who have died from other diseases. As noted by  Torosyan, rarely which countries can compare with Armenia on the  principle of transparency of information on coronavirus.

<Information for consideration: when we test drivers driving from  Georgia to Armenia, in many cases the coronavirus is diagnosed. So  can it be considered that in Georgia, 1-2 cases of coronavirus are  really detected on a day, or in reality not all cases of COVID-19 are  detected and included in the statistics?>, the minister noted. He  also asked whether Georgia, as well as other countries, will be able  to maintain current performance in the conditions of tourist flow.

Speaking about Armenia, Torosyan noted that it is impossible to live  in isolation for a long time, which means that tightening and easing  restrictions will be wave-like.  In total, 5928 cases of coronavirus  were confirmed in Armenia, 2874 people recovered, 74 died. Currently,  2952 patients are receiving actual treatment. In Georgia, 723 cases  of COVID-19 were detected, 495 were cured, 12 died, 209 patients are  undergoing treatment. 


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