Tuesday, May 19 2020 13:16
Ani Mshetsyan

Government proposes to reduce fines for the absence of masks in  public places

Government proposes to reduce fines for the absence of masks in  public places

ArmInfo. "We propose reducing the size of fines for the absence of masks outdoors," Deputy Minister of Justice of Armenia Vahe Danielyan said on May 19, presenting at a special meeting of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia a bill introducing amendments and addenda to the Code on Administrative Offenses.

The government proposes to pass the bill in second reading within 24  hours after the first reading. The haste of adopting the bill is due  to the need for strict compliance with the conditions of emergency.  It is expected, that the bill will enter into force from the moment  of publication, Danielyan explained. It is proposed, in particular,  to introduce a fine of 10 thousand drams if citizens do not have  masks outdoors.  Previously, this fine ranged from 100 thousand to  250 thousand drams. This bill does not apply to cases when people do  not wear masks indoors. If people don't wear masks indoors, then the  business entity will have to pay a fine in the amount of 100 thousand  to 300 thousand drams>, the Deputy Minister of Justice emphasized.  The thing is, he continued, that the danger of violating quarantine  measures has various forms.  <If in case of violation of isolation  measures or self-isolation there remains a high danger to the public,  then in this case the danger is much lower. That is, in this  situation, a differentiated approach should be introduced>,  said  the Deputy Minister of Justice.

It should be noted that by the decision of Tigran Avinyan, the  commandant for emergency situations, it is assumed that all citizens  should have masks with them, including outdoors. The use of homemade  masks or scarves is also acceptable.

To recall, from May 18, public transport started operating in the  country. Passengers must wear masks and gloves. Malls and shopping  centers were opened in the country.  The restrictions on the work of public catering were lifted. Previously, only the operation of  open cafes and restaurants were allowed.

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