Tuesday, May 12 2020 12:14
Ani Mshetsyan

MP: Refusal from fundamental reforms of the judicial system will  nullify the goals of the velvet revolution

MP: Refusal from fundamental reforms of the judicial system will  nullify the goals of the velvet revolution

ArmInfo.The incidents in parliament last week are not accidental and are aimed at discrediting the legislature. On May 12, independent MP Arman Babajanyan stated this  from the rostrum of the parliament.

According to him, the authors of this scenario intend to impede the  fulfillment of the main task of the National Assembly - to break the  connection of the country with its past, with which it is not worth  entering into constant conflicts. "We must make every effort to make  Armenia a more democratic country," the lawmaker emphasized.

Babajanyan noted that two years after the revolution, part of the  promises have not been realized.  <Yesterday, Minister of Justice  Rustam Badasyan made every effort to convince the Prime Minister that  it is not possible to apply vetting and transitional justice  everywhere in the judicial system. Badasyan did everything possible  to convince the Prime Minister that the implementation of fundamental  reforms in the country is hindered by the Constitution, the Venice  Commission, etc.>, he stressed.

The MP also said that he was in the US last year and met with  Armenian businessmen who were ready to return to their homeland and  invest in various projects. <They expected only one thing, reforms in  the judicial system. Alas, yesterday the Minister of Justice  practically convinced the Prime Minister that these reforms are  impossible. After that, Pashinyan was to announce the resignation of  Badasyan, but he did not resign. Thus, the country's leadership and  the ruling faction are responsible for the complete defeat of the  revolution in the field of judicial reform. It became obvious that  judges will continue to work in Armenia, which to this day are under  the influence of the previous authorities and the oligarchy>,  Babajanyan noted.

He also stated that everything that happens is a real war against  Armenia. <If we do not implement reforms in the judicial system, we  will lose this war. But I'm sure that common sense will take over,  and we will be able to win>, concluded Babajanyan.

To note, yesterday the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan and  the Minister of Justice Rustam Badasyan discussed the implementation  system of the vetting of judges. Badasyan stated that three tools  have been introduced to "cleanse" the judicial system. First, an  analysis of the declaration of the judges is proposed. And secondly,  a commission to evaluate the activities of judges will play its role.  This commission will consist of 5 members who should be elected by  the general meeting of judges. 3 of them will be judges, 2 -  representatives of civil society. The commission will also check the  terms of consideration of cases, the validity of judges' decisions,  and the maintenance of ethical standards. 

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