Monday, May 11 2020 11:51
Ani Mshetsyan

"Bright Armenia" accused Nikol Pashinyan of establishing  authoritarianism

"Bright Armenia" accused Nikol Pashinyan of establishing  authoritarianism

ArmInfo.The Bright Armenia Party issued a statement in connection with the incident on May 8 in parliament. This was reported by the press service of the party.

The statement said that <the use of force in the parliament on May 8  was not only not condemned, but, on the contrary, was justified by  the head of the Cabinet of Ministers of Armenia. Unfortunately, the  prime minister called the speech of the representative of the  opposition faction a provocation>.

It says that <a situation was created in which the victim of the  violence became the culprit of the incident.  And instead of  accepting his mistake, there was a call to fight "provocations". The  party notes that what happened testifies to the fact that it took the  prime minister two years to nullify all the achievements of the  revolution.

The statement also said: <The speech of Prime Minister Nikol  Pashinyan was completely manipulative and deceitful, not based on any  fact. He described criticism of his political team as psychological  violence against the government, moreover, he called the opponents  parliamentary representatives of the "former authorities". Through  the aforementioned deception, Pashinyan tried to justify the violence  carried out in the parliament hall>.

The Bright Armenia believes that the prime minister deliberately put  a label on the representatives of the Bright Armenia party in order  to justify the "hooligan behavior of the ruling faction". Moreover,  representatives of the faction call everyone who criticizes them as  enemies of the people and the state, and the vendetta against them is  already "legalized". The incident, according to the Party, speaks of  intolerance of the ruling faction. The end result of such a policy of  denial of one's own mistakes will lead to the establishment of  authoritarianism in the country.

<In only two years, Pashinyan from the leader of the revolution  became the leader of the ruling faction and that small group of  people who support him on Facebook. Instead of uniting society, the  prime minister divides the country's citizens into blacks and whites,  revolutionaries and counter-revolutionaries. Such an approach is  extremely dangerous in the foundations of the statehood of the  Republic of Armenia>, the statement emphasizes.

In conclusion, it is emphasized that the Bright Armenia Party  condemns the incident, and in the future it will be impossible to  silence all opponents even by using force. <We are ready to confront  all challenges, in the name of a democratic and bright Armenia, where  the main thing is a person>.

It should be noted that the work of the National Assembly of the  Republic of Armenia on May 8 was interrupted due to the conflict that  arose between the head of the Bright Armenia faction Edmon Marukyan  and the lawmaker of the National Assembly from the My Step faction  Sasun Mikayelyan. Other members of parliament were involved in the  assault. Clarification of relations with the participation of  parliamentarians continued during the announced break, after which  the conflicting parties finally dispersed.

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