Monday, May 11 2020 11:38
Alexandr Avanesov

Armenian Parliament ratifies CE Convention "On the Protection of  Children from Sexual Exploitation"

Armenian Parliament ratifies CE Convention "On the Protection of  Children from Sexual Exploitation"

ArmInfo. At the May 11 sitting,  the Armenian parliament approved the bill on ratification of the  Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Children against  Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse, signed in Lanzarote.

According to RA Deputy Minister of Justice Kristine Grigoryan, the  CoE Convention was adopted on October 25, 2007, and entered into  force on July 1, 2010. It is signed by 47 countries and has entered  into force in 45 states. The Republic of Armenia signed the  Convention on September 29, 2010. The Convention, setting common  standards and definitions applicable in all European countries, is  designed to protect children from sexual exploitation and use. The  objectives of the convention are the prevention and combating of  sexual exploitation of children and sexual violence, the protection  of the rights of children affected by sexual crimes, and the  promotion of domestic and international cooperation in combating  sexual exploitation and sexual violence against children. By  ratifying this Convention, the Republic of Armenia undertakes to take  the necessary legislative or other measures to prevent all forms of  sexual exploitation and use of children, as well as protect children,  including the development and implementation of appropriate  mechanisms, especially in the fields of education, health care,  social services, as well as in law enforcement and judicial  authorities. Cooperation between the States Parties to the Convention  will be carried out with the aim of preventing and combating the  sexual exploitation and abuse of children, protecting and assisting  victims of violence, conducting investigations and proceedings under  the Convention. Thus, ratification of the Convention will create an  opportunity to introduce relevant legislative amendments to the  Republic of Armenia aimed at combating the sexual exploitation of  children and sexual violence, protecting the rights of children  affected by sexual exploitation and sexual abuse. Moreover, the  ratification of the Convention will promote priority attention to  ensuring the best interests of the child in all actions regarding  children, and stimulate international cooperation between the parties  to the Convention.

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