Wednesday, April 29 2020 19:44
Karine Melikyan

Ameriabank and UNICEF join forces to ensure children`s educational  continuity

Ameriabank and UNICEF join forces to ensure children`s educational  continuity

ArmInfo.In Armenia, UNICEF and Ameriabank joined forces so that children can continue their education during the coronavirus pandemic. As the press service of  the bank told ArmInfo, Ameriabank donated 10 million drams to UNICEF  to ensure the continuity of the educational process for vulnerable  groups of children.

According to the source, these funds allowed UNICEF to buy 112  tablets for children that meet the technical standards of the RA  Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture.

"We are pleased that we were able to provide the Ministry with 112  tablets designed for a vulnerable group of children who are not able  to participate in distance learning. We know that the need is much  greater, and we continue to work in this direction to support  children and enable them to receive education and be enriched with  knowledge, "said Tania Radochaya, UNICEF representative in Armenia,  expressing gratitude to Ameriabank for its prompt response to the  appeal to raise funds.

"Education is one of the main areas and driving force of the economy.  Ameriabank, attaching importance to the role of education in the  development of society and the economy of the country, willingly  joined the initiative of UNICEF Armenia. By investing in the  knowledge of the child today, we provide a further prosperous  future," the Director General Ameriabank Director Artak Anesyan.

Schools are temporarily closed in connection with the COVID-19  epidemic, both in Armenia and around the world. Children continue to  receive education through remote channels, such as broadcasting  lessons on television, on YouTube or through online distance  learning. The organization of distance learning these days has become  a challenge for many children and families, because they need  telecommunication facilities and / or do not have Internet access.

It should be noted that since March 16, as part of measures to  prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, a State of Emergency  (PE) has been introduced, which will last until May 14 inclusive. In  this regard, some types of activities in the first month of the  emergency were temporarily banned (including restaurants, cafes,  bars, casinos, hotels, canteens, retail facilities and industries not  related to food and medical products), which was partially lifted  during the second half of April. As part of the ban, public transport  (including the metro) was suspended in the republic and the movement  of other vehicles was restricted, and international aviation, rail  and bus services were limited. With the introduction of a state of  emergency, the educational process, especially in schools, was  transferred to distance learning channels.  REFERENCE: UNICEF, based  on 70 years of international experience and 25 years of success for  the children of Armenia, is committed to improving the lives of the  most vulnerable groups of children living in poverty and isolation.  Since its inception, UNICEF has been fully funded by voluntary  contributions from individuals, the private sector, foundations and  governments.

Ameriabank has been operating since October 31, 1996. This is a  universal bank that provides investment, corporate and retail banking  services in the form of a comprehensive package of banking solutions.  On January 1, 2020, the shareholders of the bank are Ameria Group CY  Ltd. - 56.47%, EBRD - 17.76%, Asian Development Bank - 13.94%, ESPS  Holding Limited - 11.83%

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