Friday, April 24 2020 21:37
Karina Manukyan

Mnatsakanyan: Armenia continues to work actively towards the  prevention of genocides

Mnatsakanyan: Armenia continues to work actively towards the  prevention of genocides

ArmInfo. Armenia continues to  work actively towards the prevention of genocides. Armenian Foreign  Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan stated this on April 24, speaking online  within the framework of the <INSTALIVE> project of the Children of  Armenia charity foundation.

The Minister noted that the prevention of genocides for 22 years is  one of the most important goals of Armenia. As was noted, in this  direction the republic is doing everything possible to develop  appropriate tools, including through active cooperation with  international partners and organizations. According to Mnatsakanyan,  the threat of genocide exists today, and this also applies to  vulnerable groups that may face persecution and violence. In this  regard, the obligation of the international community to join efforts  and do everything possible to early detection and prevention of such  crimes was pointed out. In this regard, it was noted that it was  impunity that could lead to the risk of genocide.

Mnatsakanyan emphasized the fact that Armenia not only managed to  survive the Genocide, but also continued to stand firmly on its feet,  demanding justice. The fact that the call to hold accountable does  not lose its relevance after 105 years, proves, according to him,  that the Genocide caused a deep wound to the Armenian people, the  pain of which new generations feel. <Prevention of genocide is the  most important task for every nation. We, as a people who survived  the Genocide, should take all steps at international venues to  prevent the recurrence of such crimes>, the minister emphasized.

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