Saturday, April 18 2020 11:04
Karina Manukyan

The Prime Minister presented the results of the implementation of  anti-crisis programs on COVID-19

The Prime Minister presented the results of the implementation of  anti-crisis programs on COVID-19

ArmInfo. The government will continue to discuss anti- crisis programs aimed at alleviating the situation with COVID-19. On April 17, Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan stated this during an appeal to the  population of the republic.

The prime minister recalled that to date, 13 anti-crisis programs  have been approved in the republic. The first program is aimed at  providing soft loans, as well as loans without interest rates.

Thus, preferential loans are provided in particular for the import of  food, raw materials and equipment. At the moment, 229 business  entities for the total amount of 10.9 billion drams have benefited  from the program.

The second program aimed at promoting the agricultural sector and  zeroing loans under state programs was used by 1307 entities for a  total loan amount of 2.9 billion drams. The third program is aimed at  organizing small and medium-sized businesses, which, depending on  turnover, are provided with a loan of 2 million to 50 million drams  for a period of three years and on favorable terms. 230 economic  entities took advantage of it, and the amount of loans exceeded 2.4  billion drams.

The beneficiaries of the 5th program are organizations with 2-50  jobs, provided that their personnel are maintained under the  conditions of emergency. 8340 similar organizations have already been  involved in it, to which assistance in the amount of 1.3 billion  drams has been allocated. "In the near future we will apply other  programs of economic assistance," Pashinyan informed. As for the  social block, under the 4th program, which implies one-time  assistance to families with non-working parents and children under  the age of 14, the total payments to 264 citizens amounted to 100  million drams. Under the 6th program, one-time assistance was paid  (total amount - 457 million drams) to 6,723 citizens who lost their  jobs during the period from March 13-30. 7026 women became  beneficiaries of the 7th program of assistance to pregnant women  whose husbands lost their jobs on March 13-30, the total payments  amounted to 702 million drams. Under the 8th program, a total of 4.6  billion drams were paid to 63014 employees of the areas most affected  by coronavirus.

According to the 9th program, which implies one-time  assistance to parents who were not officially registered at work,  19,457 citizens were paid a total of 515 million drams. The 10th  program covered representatives of microbusiness from the most  vulnerable sectors, who will receive from the state an amount equal  to 10% of the turnover for the first 3 months of 2020. About 6  thousand business entities have already been informed about it, and  payments will start next week.

The 11th and 12th programs are aimed at partial compensation of utility bills for February. The 11th program covered 235 thousand subscribers, the amount of compensation - 786 million drams, and the 12th program - 280 thousand subscribers with compensation 1.8 billion drams. The 13th program is aimed at 85 thousand families receiving benefits, and the total payments will  amount to 1.2 billion drams.  

Pashinyan also noted that banks and credit organizations provided credit vacations for about 11 thousand legal entities in the amount of 35 billion drams, and 380 thousand to individuals - in the amount of about 15 billion drams. , -  concluded the Prime minister.


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