Wednesday, April 15 2020 14:01
Ani Mshetsyan

Prosecutor General`s Office of RA revealed new fraud with state  property

Prosecutor General`s Office of RA revealed new fraud with state  property

ArmInfo. The General Prosecutor's Office of Armenia revealed cases of violations during the assessment of state property, which was alienated at a price significantly lower than the market price.

According to the press service of the Prosecutor General's Office,  according to the documents of the State Property Management  Committee, in 2016 a certain trading company estimated the cost of a  public building with an area of 1455.5 km and a land area of 3922.64  at 119.7 million drams. As it turned out later, the permit for the  assessment was issued with a number of violations, including the law  on Real Estate Valuation Activities and without a service agreement.

As a result, in 2016 the country's leadership issued the State  Property Management Committee permission to alienate this property by  tender. In 2017, during the tender, this property was alienated for  88.7 million drams.   However, in the course of the analysis submitted in 2020, by "State  Property Inventory and Assessment Agency" SNCO it was found out  thatthat this property was alienated for an amount almost 2 times  lower than the real market price. According to the estimates of SNCO,  this property in 2016 was worth 235 million drams.     Thus, high-ranking government officials from the State Property  Management Committee implemented the law, and thereby caused damage  to the state of 146.3 million drams.

A criminal case was opened in the General Prosecutor's Office of  Armenia under article 308 (Abuse of official authority, Ed.) of the  Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia.   The preliminary investigation of the case was entrusted to the RA IC   for the preliminary investigation. 

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