Friday, April 10 2020 14:22
Karina Manukyan

Torosyan: Coronavirus will be with us for a long time

Torosyan: Coronavirus will be with us for a long time

ArmInfo.Given the current epidemiological situation, wearing a mask and gloves is advisable. RA Minister of Healthcare Arsen Torosyan stated this during a meeting of  the Standing Committee on Health and Social Affairs of the National Assembly of Armenia.

The Minister explained that the main purpose of the mask is to  eliminate the likelihood of the virus entering the mouth and nose. In  addition, when located in a place of crowding, it will be able to  protect against drops of liquid, the concentrations of which are  formed not only by coughing and sneezing, but also during breathing.  According to the latest recommendations, the mask can be worn without  changing for 8 hours; for health workers this indicator is 4 hours.  In addition, WHO had previously recommended wearing fabric masks,  which, after use, should be washed in hot water and with detergents.  As for gloves, they can be dangerous if worn for a long time. As  explained by Torosyan, they can, for example, be worn in the absence  of the ability to often wash their hands. "Coronavirus will be with  us for a long time," Torosyan noted, adding that it is advisable not  to neglect personal protective equipment.

In Armenia, 937 cases of coronavirus were confirmed, 149 people  recovered, 11 people died. Currently, 777 patients are receiving  treatment.

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