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Karina Manukyan

Torosyan clarified why the coronavirus testing at checkpoint is  pointlessness 

Torosyan clarified why the coronavirus testing at checkpoint is  pointlessness 

ArmInfo.Since April 10, the list of people who are required to undergo a coronavirus test is expanding in Armenia. RA Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan announced this  during a meeting of the Standing Committee on Health and Social  Affairs of the National Assembly of Armenia.

According to Torosyan, from now on healthcare workers who have had  suspicious contacts in terms of epidemiology, as well as all patients  with pneumonia, as well as pregnant women and women who have symptoms  of SARS, will tested for coronavirus. Speaking about whether it is  worth testing all citizens entering the territory of Armenia at the  checkpoint, the minister noted that this process does not make sense,  since in this case a quick test would have to be done, which does not  give a 100% accurate result.  Thus, no one could guarantee that a  particular citizen would not develop a disease with the corresponding  symptoms in the following days.

As for more accurate testing for coronavirus by RT-PCR, the process  of obtaining the results takes 5 hours, and such a test can only be  carried out in those laboratories that meet the necessary conditions  for this. In Armenia, the number of such laboratories is small: only  six are subordinate to the Ministry of Healthcare.

Torosyan noted that Armenia in the issue of control over citizens who  entered the territory of the republic implements a policy of  compulsory self-isolation. Further, after 14 days, all quarantined  citizens undergo a coronavirus test. According to the minister, on  the eve of 60-70 citizens in self-isolation, test 7 gave a positive  result on COVID-19. Thus, quarantine allowed us to avoid further  contacts and the possible spread of the virus if a quick coronavirus  test at the border would produce a negative result.

As for cargo transportation with Iran, here, as Torosyan informed, no  cases of coronavirus were detected among Iranian drivers. He also  noted that only goods with bitumen, clinker and glass are entitled to  enter the territory of Yerevan, while they only enter the territory  of the respective enterprises. 

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