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David Stepanyan

Parliamentarian: I am convinced that Yuri Khachaturov will express a  desire to come to the April commission himself

Parliamentarian: I am convinced that Yuri Khachaturov will express a  desire to come to the April commission himself

ArmInfo.The work of our commission in the framework of meetings with interviewed witnesses will end before the end of this month, after which we will begin to process the collected materials. A similar opinion was expressed to  ArmInfo,  by the  member of the Armenian parliament from the "My Step" bloc, member of  the Commission for the Investigation of the April War, Kristine  Poghosyan.

"The questions to ex-president Serzh Sargsyan are almost ready. We  are waiting for his visit to parliament.  As well as the arrival of  Yuri Khachaturov. I am convinced that Khachaturov will express a  desire to come to our commission himself. I don't think our  commission is investigating issues related to our guys and our army  is a place where you can't come. Everyone should assist in clarifying  the truth, "a member of the commission is convinced.

According to her, the final conclusion of the commission depends on  the answers of all those invited without exception. And with each  invitee, the commission has new questions or, on the contrary,  answers to many questions are formed. Poghosyan informed that the  commission will complete the first stage of its work after several  meetings in Artsakh.

Answering the question whether the work of the commission does not  complicate the state of emergency and does this work contradict this  regime, Poghosyan noted that the commission, like the whole  parliament, continues to work as usual. Moreover, holds extraordinary  meetings. "We are doing our work. And I think that it is in this  situation that it is very important that each of us do his job,  fulfill his duties," the parliamentarian summed up.

The April parliamentary commission to investigate the circumstances  that led to the deaths of more than 100 soldiers was created in 2019.  It consists of representatives of all fractions of the National  Assembly.  The purpose of the commission's work is to identify  possible errors, shortcomings, and inaction of the then authorities  in the aforementioned period. The commission was visited by  ex-Minister of Defense Seyran Ohanyan, head of the General Staff of  the Armed Forces of Armenia Artak Davtyan. It was reported earlier  that the former head of the General Staff, Yuri Khachaturov, refused  to appear on the commission. Ex- President Serzh Sargsyan will answer  the questions of the commission on April 16.

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