Thursday, April 9 2020 12:13
Alexandr Avanesov

Nikol Pashinyan: Armenian authorities have control over the spread of  coronavirus

Nikol Pashinyan: Armenian authorities have control over the spread of  coronavirus

ArmInfo. The Armenian authorities, in general, are in control of the spread of coronavirus. This was stated on  April 9 by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan at a  government meeting.

According to him, all data on sick citizens of the country were  integrated and presented in an electronic system in which all data is  updated online. According to the situation at the moment there are 12  inaccuracies that are being specified. Since the start of the  epidemic in Armenia, 921 cases of morbidity have been officially  confirmed, taking into account 12 inaccuracies, this figure would be  equal to 909.  Nikol Pashinyan also said that starting from April 10,  about 1 thousand tests will be performed daily in the republic.  It  is mandatory to test employees of medical institutions involved in  the treatment process, as well as those suffering from pneumonia and  other chronic diseases. This, according to the prime minister, is  necessary in order to have a holistic picture of the current  situation.

It should be noted that according to the data as of 11:00 on April 9,  28 new cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus were  detected in Armenia. Thus, in total, 921 cases of coronavirus were  confirmed in the republic, 138 people recovered, and died 10. The  last death was registered today: an 80-year-old patient who also had  a number of chronic diseases became a victim of coronavirus.  Currently, 773 patients are receiving actual treatment.


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