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Alexandr Avanesov

First President of Armenia calls for stopping propaganda and actions  aimed at creating an atmosphere of distrust and hatred to   authorities

First President of Armenia calls for stopping propaganda and actions  aimed at creating an atmosphere of distrust and hatred to   authorities

ArmInfo. Unlike the traditional war, today in Armenia there is no front line, firing  points, no enemy isfound, trenches and armor are useless. This is  stated in the publication of the first President of the Republic of  Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosyan, published on Ilur.

 According to the first president, the virus is omnipresent and invisible. "It strikes  from the front, side, back and from the air. No one is immune from  harm and deprivation, the bitter truth that each of us must remember,  without panic and with a high sense of responsibility. The wars are  not waged by the masses or opposition political forces, but by the  authorities regardless of whether they are good or bad. In mature  states, the internal political struggle during the war, according to  written and unwritten laws, is frozen, which gives the authorities  the opportunity to focus exclusively on control in overcoming the  situation, "Levon notes Ter-Petrosyan.

In his opinion, the Armenian authorities, perhaps with some errors  and omissions (there is no government that is not infallible), take  responsibility for their actions, mainly taking all necessary and  possible steps arising from the situation. Judging by the reaction of  the public, in general, the activities of medical workers, the police  and the Ministry of Emergencies are evaluated positively, but  unjustifiably underestimated. But, according to the first president,  at a time when the authorities are devoting all their efforts to  fighting the virus, a huge army of undervalued geniuses and  provocateurs with countless mass media actually opened a second front  of the war against them. Under the guise of seemingly useful advice  and constructive suggestions, hatred and hostility towards the  authorities is sown, which raises serious doubts about the  "friendship" of their authors. Most critics of the government are  guided not by the support of the latter in overcoming the situation,  but, on the contrary, by their intention to prevent, and thereby  receive political dividends, which, if this is normal under normal  conditions, is tantamount to treason during the war.

"Given all this, I think that the following necessary steps, which do  not require much effort, can help defuse the current unnatural and  dangerous domestic political situation. 1. To oblige the public by  all means to strictly follow the instructions of the commandant of  the state of emergency and the Minister of Health. 2.  Stop  propaganda and actions aimed at sowing distrust and hatred of the  authorities, leaving the question of their responsibility for the  future 3. Do not publicly give advice and suggestions on events and  social issues arising from them, and contact the working groups to  study and use them if necessary 4. Freeze the work of the  parliamentary commission to investigate the circumstances of the  April war, which causes excessive excitement in the already tense  situation in the country 5. Form as much as possible faster  authorities in Artsakh to put an end to unrest around the elections  and provide full control over the situation in the republic. 6. We  hope that the second and third presidents of Armenia will instruct  the media under their control to immediately stop their fierce  struggle with the authorities. At the present critical moment, anyone  who interferes with the authorities does not support them and creates  additional problems for them, jeopardizing not only the country's  security, but also the lives of those close to them. I believe in the  common sense of our people and the ability to unite during the test,  "the appeal of the first president of Armenia reads.


Алоян Було
Прекратить пропаганду и действия, направленные на то, чтобы сеять недоверие и ненависть к властям! То есть вести себя так же как и вы с вашими башибузуками, до второго марта 2008 -ого года! Не господин, резидент...!!!
Своевременно. Дай Бог, чтобы к Вам прислушались те, к кому это относится, во благо страны.

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