Monday, April 6 2020 21:55
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Pashinyan: Ultramodern highly efficient military equipment developed  from scratch in Armenia

Pashinyan: Ultramodern highly efficient military equipment developed  from scratch in Armenia

ArmInfo.The military-industrial complex of Armenia goes to a new level. On April  6, Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan stated this during  online questions and answers.  

He emphasized that several days ago he had already been shown a tested model, which indicates that the military-industrial complex of Armenia is entering a new level.  At  the same time, the prime minister added that the peculiarity of this  model is not only that it is an ultra-modern production, but also  that it was assembled from scratch in the RA.  

Pashinyan stated that the development, which has already passed pilot tests, indicates the presence of the necessary specialists in the RA.  "This is an  ultramodern, high-precision production. Seeing the capabilities of  our specialists, I gave instructions on the state order of these  products, and we hope to continue to enter the international market  with this model or its modification, "Pashinyan summed up, noting  that such defense industry products could become a source of foreign  exchange earnings to the country.  

Earlier, ArmInfo reported that in  order to turn Armenia into a high-tech military-industrial country of  manufacture and exporter, the state budget in 2020 provides for to  allocate the Ministry about 12.5 billion drams. So, on November 15,  Minister of High Technology Industry Hakob Arshakyan stated from the  rostrum of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia that in  2020, 12.5 billion drams will be allocated from Armenia's state  budget to implement projects in the military-industrial complex, high  and information technologies and digitalization of the country.  

At the same time, expenditures on the development of the  military-industrial complex will increase by 122%, amounting to 6.3  billion drams, some of which will be directed to the implementation  of scientific, technical and design studies, and the other - to the  development of production capabilities taking into account the needs  of the defense department and access to finished products to  international markets.

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