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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Deputy Foreign Minister: Russia and Armenia have always jointly  confronted challenges and threats 

Deputy Foreign Minister: Russia and Armenia have always jointly  confronted challenges and threats 

ArmInfo. Russia and Armenia have always jointly confronted the challenges and threats that faced our countries, and the current COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is no  exception. About this in an interview with the <Novoye vremya>("New  time", Ed. note), newspaper said 

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Andrei  Rudenko.  At the same time, he noted that from the first days of its  spread, the heads of government and their deputies, the leadership of  the Ministry of Health, relevant departments and organizations,  including the Foreign 

Ministries and embassies of the two countries, have been in constant  contact.  "Speaking about the purely medical component, the Russian  side immediately responded to the request of Armenian friends and  carried out the transfer of medical products needed in Yerevan to the  Russian Federation. These are the test kits so much needed today,  Revert-L reagents and RIBO samples, others drugs. Russian companies  operating on the Armenian market did not stand aside, which took part  in raising funds for the prevention and overcoming the spread of  coronavirus in the republic, "the deputy foreign minister said.

At the same time, he emphasized that Russia understands that, taking  into account its geopolitical position, export-import deliveries,  primarily essential goods and food, are vital for Armenia. Rudenko  noted that despite the closure of the Russian-Georgian and  Armenian-Georgian borders, the parties managed to maintain the flow  of goods between the two countries through "Upper Lars" checkpoint.   The Russian diplomat also expressed gratitude to Yerevan for  assisting in the return of Russian tourists, including those who  wished to return to Russia through Georgia.

"Bilateral efforts are organically complemented by joint work within  the EAEU. It is especially in demand in the current situation, when  coordinated steps are needed to overcome the pandemic. Such formats  as the Council of Heads of Authorized Bodies in the Field of Sanitary  and Epidemiological Welfare of the EAEU Member States, interim  Coordination Council for monitoring the situation, created by the  Eurasian Economic Commission, within the framework of these  structures regular exchange of data on implementation of  anti-epidemic measures, coordination of mutual assistance is carried  out, mutual information is provided on national measures to maintain  macroeconomic stability and trade in goods.  Emergency response  cannot but affect the pace of business activity and human exchanges.  However, as the Armenian proverb says, "every misfortune is an  instruction." We must learn from the current unprecedented situation,  "the Russian Foreign Minister said.

Speaking about the level of Armenian-Russian relations after the  change of power in Armenia, Rudenko assured that the dynamics of  cooperation, the intensity of bilateral contacts not only did not  decrease, but also increased significantly, as evidenced by  statistics.

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