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Ani Mshetsyan

Masis Mayilyan: We will inform the public about our next steps in the  coming days

Masis Mayilyan: We will inform the public about our next steps in the  coming days

ArmInfo. Artsakh presidential candidate Masis Mayilyan made a statement on his Facebook page.  In particular, he noted: "I sincerely thank the thousands of citizens  who voted for me on March 31, my political partners, all of our  supporters.

 The elections in Artsakh were held on March 31 in extraordinary and unprecedented conditions. Despite the fact that many presidential candidates and political forces participating in the parliamentary elections called on the country's leadership to  postpone the elections, the authorities decided at all costs to bring   the process to its logical end.  In the mentioned emergency  conditions it was impossible to ensure the participation of  international observers, and the members of the Armenian observation  missions, in order to avoid danger, had to change the observation  methodology and fulfill this mission not to the extent to which they  originally planned to do it.

We are currently conducting political consultations and will inform  the public about our next steps in the coming days''.

It should be noted that on March 31 the presidential and  parliamentary elections were held in Artsakh. According to the NKR  Central Election Committee, the second round of the presidential  election will be held in the republic, since not one of the  presidential candidates scored the required 50% + 1 votes for the  final election victory.

The second round of the presidential election will be held 14 days  after the vote, that is, April 14. According to preliminary data from  the CEC, former Prime Minister Arayik Harutyunyan won 49.26% of the  vote, while Foreign Minister Masis Mayilyan won 26.4. Vitaly  Balasanyan, former secretary of the Security Council, is on the third  place, who gained 14.7%.


Результаты первого тура выборов в Арцахе подсказывают однозначно кто может стать победителем во втором туре. Армяне Арцаха выбирают союзником свои вооруженные силы и решимость армян. Слишком вьелось недоверие армян к своим супостатам, Слишком сладка свобода давшаяся дорогой ценой, слишком далеко зашли антиармянская пропаганда и фантазии карманных историков и угодных СМИ в Азербайджане. Чуда ждать не приходится. Но... кто знает как все может обернуться. Не будет проигравших, а выиграют все. Пути Господни неисповедимы.

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