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Unknown treasures of Armenia is the  new project of Armenian Support  Teams

Unknown treasures of Armenia is the  new project of Armenian Support  Teams

ArmInfo. Charitable organization "Armenian Support Team" launched a new charity project "New Armenia - Ancient Armenia!" In Armenia or Unknown treasures of Armenia.  

According to the head of the charity organization and blogger Roman Baghdasaryan, during the project, throughout the course of 2020, the "team" will acquaint the public and tell her about the unique cultural and historical  monuments of medieval Armenia, which, unfortunately, are known only  to a narrow circle of specialists. They did not enter the annals of  the popular "treasures" of ancient Armenia and, strangely enough,  were completely ignored not only by those who were called to preserve  and restore the monuments, but also by holy Etchmiadzin.

The first such monastery is Nekhuts, of the 10th century, located in  the village of Arzakan of the Kotayk region. The "team" organized  shooting of the monastery with the participation of model and TV  presenter Ani Zakaryan, dressed in a national costume (taraz),  provided to the project free of charge by fashion designer Lilil  Melikyan. The "Teams" will also focus on other historical monuments  lost in the mountains of Armenia and unreasonably forgotten, which  have not become its hallmark.

These "forgotten" ancient Armenian churches will find "new life" on  postcards and possibly on calendars.  In autumn, the authors of the  project in Yerevan intend to organize a photo exhibition of so far  six lost Nekhutsu similar monasteries and churches, which will be  prepared by the project photographer - Manvel Harutyunyan.  "There  are a large number of magnificent historical and architectural  monuments in Armenia, which no one knows about, which are not  interesting to either the state or Etchmiadzin. It is necessary to  somehow "take them out of nonexistence", look for investors to  preserve and preserve, and in some cases, to restore. It is important  to lay new tourist routes in these ancient places. And in this way we  want to draw attention to this "lost> heritage of the people. This  will help give a new impetus to the development of tourism," says  Baghdasaryan. 

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