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GeoProMining enterprises continue to operate strictly observing  safety measures

GeoProMining enterprises continue to operate strictly observing  safety measures

ArmInfo. The international company GeoProMining,  which employs about 2500 people in Armenian-located  enterprises, is  taking additional measures for sanitary prevention and counteracting  the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

As the company's press service told ArmInfo, round-the-clock  monitoring of the epidemiological situation is being carried out at  the enterprises for the purpose of sanitary and epidemiological  prevention; the activities of the services for the prevention and  timely detection of viral diseases are coordinated from a single  center, medical workers have increased the number of visits and  examinations. The enterprises have a stock of disinfectants,  non-contact thermometers and personal protective equipment. Periodic  inter-shift preventive disinfection of vehicles and workplaces is  carried out.

GeoProMining assets in Armenia continue to operate as usual, taking  into account the high responsibility of the company to employees,  communities of their presence, and the state.

Despite certain difficulties in the sphere of supply and logistics,  enterprises are trying to find possible solutions, and the supply of  basic supplies of consumables for the normal functioning of  enterprises is two months. As Group President Roman Khudoly said,  "Today, enterprises around the world are faced with the challenges  posed by the global coronavirus pandemic. However, the efficiency and  viability of enterprises is largely due to the attitude of their  employees to the issues of sanitary and epidemiological safety, since  personal hygiene and responsibility are the key to general security.  The safe and efficient functioning of key enterprises for the country  depends on the responsible approach of each employee to this series  of tasks. I am sure that responsibility and precaution will help us  pass this test without serious consequences>.  Recall that the  "Armenian" portfolio of the diversified international group of mining  companies GeoProMining includes GPMGold, which operates the Sotsk  gold deposit and the Ararat gold recovery plant and Agarak copper  molybdenum plant. About 2500 employees work at the enterprises. In  general, over the years of work in Armenia, GeoProMining's  investments in the development of Armenian assets exceeded $ 540  million.

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