Thursday, March 26 2020 17:53
Karina Manukyan

Quarantine declared in Artsakh`s medical facilities

Quarantine declared in Artsakh`s medical facilities

ArmInfo.Based on the tense epidemiological situation in the world caused by the coronavirus, the Ministry of Health care of the Artsakh Republic urges the country's  population to go to medical facilities only if absolutely necessary.

<In order to prevent the spread of infection, quarantine is declared  in medical institutions of the Republic with the corresponding  restrictions. Citizens receiving free and preferential medicines,  please come after agreement with a medical doctor, every working day,  starting from 12:00. In order to avoid additional complications, we  offer in urgent cases to contact the local doctor by phone to get the  necessary treatment.

By a corresponding order of the Minister of Health care of the  Republic of Artsakh, the heads of organizations subordinate to the  Ministry that provide medical care and services were instructed to  temporarily declared quarantine in medical institutions; strictly  prohibit access by unauthorized persons; restrict the movement of  patients from the departments; limit the admission of new patients,  except in urgent cases; limit planned examinations of citizens in  outpatient departments; limit planned operations; post a quarantine  notice at the entrance to the building>, the Information Headquarters  said in a statement.

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