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Ani Mshetsyan

Stepanakert: It is not certain that the U.S. refusal to help Artsakh  has a political connotation

Stepanakert: It is not certain that the U.S. refusal to help Artsakh  has a political connotation

ArmInfo.I would not want to see a political connotation on the issue of the U.S. refusal to continue providing humanitarian assistance for demining in Artsakh.  Presidential candidate from the " Artsakh Conservative Party  ",  spokesperson of the NKR President David Babayan stated this in an  interview with ArmInfo correspondent.

He noted that perhaps this subtext is not, as this is a purely  humanitarian action. <We are very grateful to the United States for  helping Artsakh to demining the territories, as it saved hundreds, if  not thousands, of lives. Now the United States has decided to stop  such assistance to Artsakh, and that is their right.  However, we  must work to ensure that this assistance is restored, or other  sources of financing are found, because there are still lot of mines  in Karabakh>, Babayan emphasized.  

<On the other hand, the United States intends to assist Azerbaijan to  facilitate the reconciliation process.  We are not against such a  decision, since now the only obstacle to the settlement of the  Karabakh conflict is Baku, with its xenophobic, racist state policy.  Of course, we understand that it is difficult to solve this issue  with one financial influence. But if this money helps in any way,  then we will be very happy about it>, Babayan concluded.

It should be noted that last week 75 congressmen from 23 U.S. states  sent a letter to the subcommittee on external operations of the  Appropriations Committee of the House of Representatives of the US  Congress with a proposal to provide Armenia with $ 100 million to  support the economy, ensure security and establish the rule of law.  Another $ 1.5 million is proposed by the congressmen to be sent as  assistance to Artsakh: demining territories and rehabilitate mine  victims. Congressmen also called on the subcommittee to stop  assisting Azerbaijan as a country exposing aggression to Armenia and  Artsakh. 

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