Thursday, March 26 2020 14:56
Karina Manukyan

Coronavirus spread map to be created in Armenia

Coronavirus spread map to be created in Armenia

ArmInfo.In the near future, work will be completed on creating a Coronavirus spread map in Armenia. Minister of Healthcare of of Armenia Arsen Torosyan announced   at a  press conference on March 26.

According to him, the largest number of cases of coronavirus was  detected in Yerevan, Ararat and Kotayk regions. Meanwhile, cases of  COVID-19 were not recorded in two regions of the country - Vayots  Dzore and Gegharkunik. Speaking about the situation in the country,  the minister informed that in some regions the situation is assessed  as stable. For example, in certain cases, the outbreak of coronavirus  was detected 100%. In particular, in the Shirak and Lori regions the  sources of spread of COVID-19 have been identified. As for the foci  of the spread at production facilities in Charentsavan and Erebuni,  here several hundred people were isolated in preventive measures.  Meanwhile, the minister drew attention to the fact that sometimes  citizens refuse to cooperate and hide information about their  contacts, which negatively affects the conduct of epidemiological  studies.

Torosyan expressed hope that Armenia, thanks to the measures taken,  will be able to avoid such a peak in the incidence of coronavirus,  which was detected in Italy and Iran. According to the minister, the  worst- case scenario can have extremely negative consequences from a  humanitarian and health point of view.  The head of the Ministry of  Healthcare also noted that today there is no shortage of tests for  coronavirus in Armenia, and work is underway to increase the  available reserves. In total, 1440 tests were conducted, of which 290  gave a positive result. 

Torosyan noted that Armenia is closely following all the news from  the world of science regarding the treatment of coronavirus, and in  particular maintains constant contact with China, Italy and the USA.  So, in Armenia, as in the USA, the "Hydroxychloroquine" drug is also  used to treat COVID-19. At the moment, he is prescribed for severe  cases, however, Torosyan did not exclude the likelihood that  treatment with "Hydroxychloroquine" will be carried out if pneumonia  is detected in patients. In addition, a combination of the two drugs  used in the case of HIV is also used in the treatment of coronavirus. 

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