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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Tonoyan: Three Armenian servicemen diagnosed with coronavirus

Tonoyan: Three Armenian servicemen diagnosed with coronavirus

ArmInfo.Armenia's Minister of Defense David Tonoyan clarified and answered questions of interest to journalists regarding the prevention of penetration of a new type of coronavirus into the army.

So, in a statement, Tonoyan, in particular, notes that in order to  prevent the virus from entering the ranks of the Armed Forces of the  country, a large-scale medical and preventive work was carried out,  the necessary conditions were created so that the servicemen would be  away from the infection.

"However, it is impossible to completely stop the penetration of the  virus into the army, since most of the military personnel are in  daily contact with the civilian population.

So, on March 25, three coronavirus tests were taken from three  servicemen not involved in the combat process. All three military  personnel tested positive for COVID-19. Earlier, coronavirus was  confirmed in a family member of one of the military personnel. All  three confirmed cases of infection are connected with one of the  primary foci of infection. According to the epidemiological research  service, these servicemen were previously isolated, which  significantly reduced the risk of further spread of the infection," Tonoyan emphasized.

The Minister stated that the above military men were hospitalized,  their condition is satisfactory, none of them have pneumonia. At the  same time, he added that one of the servicemen has a low temperature,  while the other two have neither temperature nor other symptoms of  the disease.

"I assure you that the military personnel who are diagnosed with  coronavirus are provided with highly qualified medical care, and  their life is not in danger.

At the same time, the entire circle of contacts of the above military  personnel was revealed. Those in close contact and potential contacts  are isolated in predetermined areas. They are also subject to strict  daily supervision and provided with the necessary conditions. A  further 32 troops were tested for coronavirus.

In this military unit, located at a considerable distance from the  front line, a barracks conditions has been declared, the most serious  anti-epidemic measures have been taken, medical monitoring is being  carried out," the head of the Defense Ministry said.  At the same  time, Tonoyan emphasized that not a single case of the virus was  detected in the Artsakh Defense Army.

"Large-scale preventive measures are ongoing in the Armed Forces of  the Republic of Armenia. Strict restrictions are in place in all  military units to prevent infection, and daily monitoring of the  health status of military personnel has been established. As a result  of the comprehensive anti-epidemic measures and the strict  restrictions applied in the Armed Forces last month, it was sharply  reduced  the number of diseases by other non-hazardous infectious  diseases, which is a striking example of the effectiveness of  measures taken", said the head of the Ministry of Defense, adding  that compared with the same period of previous years, the number of  diseases <acute respiratory diseases>, <chickenpox>, tonsillitis was  reduced by 4 times, and currently there are no patients with  intestinal infections in the Armed Forces.

In conclusion, he added that in recent years the number of patients  with pneumonia in the army has been reduced by 5 times, and severe  pneumonia by 10 times, as well as there have been no cases of death  from the above illness in the Armed Forces.

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