Thursday, March 26 2020 14:23
Karina Manukyan

Torosyan: One doctor and one ambulance driver were diagnosed with  Coronavirus infection

Torosyan: One doctor and one ambulance driver were diagnosed with  Coronavirus infection

ArmInfo. One doctor and one ambulance driver have been diagnosed with Coronavirus (COVID-19). Minister of Healthcare of the Republic of Armenia Arsen 

Torosyan said at a March 26 press conference.  According to the  minister, the identification of coronavirus among the medical staff  is quite expected, since they often come in contact with patients. It  was previously reported that one nurse was diagnosed with COVID-19 .  Torosyan noted that nothing threatens her life, as well as the lives  of the infected doctor and ambulance driver.

Speaking about the high workload of the medical staff in connection  with the situation with the coronavirus, the minister informed that  good living conditions were created for all medical workers, and they  are provided with transport and food. Those who refuse to spend the  night at home because of fears of infecting their loved ones have the  opportunity to live in a hotel.

Torosyan also said that about 50 doctors attended coronavirus  retraining courses, and are ready to replace their colleagues on  duty, or to carry out their mission in those medical centers that are  also allocated for COVID-19 treatment. In addition, similar courses  are organized for narrow specialists: for example, taking into  account the fact that some patients with cooronavirus are located in  the orthopedics center, orthopedists also passed the corresponding  courses. This process, according to Torosyan, will be continued.

According to the latest data, 290 cases of coronavirus were confirmed  in the republic, 18 people recovered, 1315 tests carried out gave a  negative result.

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