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David Stepanyan

Masis Mayilyan: I`ll treat the decision to postpone the elections  with understanding

Masis Mayilyan: I`ll treat the decision to postpone the elections  with understanding

ArmInfo.Deeply aware of the challenges that threaten our national security, and considering the life of every citizen an absolute value, I declare with all  responsibility and sincerity that I will treat the decision to  postpone the elections with understanding. A similar opinion was  expressed by ArmInfo Foreign Minister, Artsakh presidential candidate  Masis Mayilyan.

"In recent days, many of our compatriots from Artsakh, Armenia and  the Diaspora have asked me to clarify the position regarding the  appropriateness of postponing the election date. The growing threat  of the spreading epidemic makes it necessary to assess the situation  in a new way, while also recognizing the risks associated with the  election," he said.

Stressing that Artsakh has a unified security environment with  Armenia, Mayilyan noted that, accordingly, this implies a unified  tactics and logic in the fight against coronavirus. The fight, in  turn, should be based on the experience already gained in Armenia,  subject to the complete harmonization of efforts, given that world  experience indicates the most unpredictable consequences of  neglecting the viral danger.

"I have to say that our entire political team has done a great job in  the framework of the campaign to bring our concept of fundamental  reforms to our society. Based on its results, I can say about the  enthusiasm, will and determination with which our society met our  ideas for creating the foundation of the New Artsakh.This gives us  additional confidence that we will fix the victory of a new concept  for the development of our country on March 31. I want to wish all of  us health and express confidence that our people will win Lemma and  from this test "- summed up Mayilian.

It should be noted that the main competitors in the upcoming March 31  presidential and parliamentary elections in Artsakh are ex-minister  of state, one of the richest people in the country Araik Harutyunyan  and current Foreign Minister Masis Mayilyan. Harutyunyan is supported  by the current authorities of Artsakh, Mayilyana is ex-commander of  the Artsakh Defense Army Samvel Babayan, several other political  forces. In total, 12 presidential candidates registered in the  Artsakh CEC. 

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