Tuesday, March 24 2020 18:00
Ani Mshetsyan

Bright Armenia invites government to introduce ``tax holidays``

Bright Armenia invites government to introduce ``tax holidays``

ArmInfo. It is very important that all residents of Armenia realize the seriousness of the situation in connection with the spread of coronavirus. On March 24, the MP from the Bright Armenia faction Gevorg Gorgisyan stated this from the rostrum of the parliament.

He noted the importance of government's coordinated work to prevent the spread of the virus. However, the Bright Armenia faction also has a number of proposals on how to behave in this situation.

''We believe that all enterprises that are currently not working should go on the so-called "tax holiday". If they have no revenue, making them pay taxes is at least inhuman. Moreover, I believe that all employees of these organizations should receive their salaries, the state should pay them money at least in the amount of the minimum wage. This will help citizens left without livelihood to live on, "the MP said.

He noted that all segments of the population that are vulnerable should be quarantined. "Now we are receiving complaints about the fact that people who are at risk are still forced to go to work. This practice should be stopped," Gorgisyan emphasized.

The MP also noted that distance learning opens up new opportunities for the education system, but the whole question is whether the country's citizens are ready for these reforms. "Many people whose children study in schools do not even have computers at home. The state should equip such families with all the necessary equipment," the MP concluded.

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