Tuesday, March 24 2020 08:58
Marianna Mkrtchyan

NSS officers caught two SRC inspectors in receiving large-scale  bribes

NSS officers caught two SRC inspectors in receiving large-scale  bribes

ArmInfo.The employees of the National Security Service of Armenia revealed another case of receiving a large bribe on the part of officials of the State Revenue  Committee (SRC RA).

So, according to the press service of the National Security Service  of the Republic of Armenia received by ArmInfo, thanks to the  operational-investigative measures taken by the department's  employees, it was possible to identify another case of abuse of  official duties and giving and taking bribes on an especially large  scale.

In particular, the two chief inspectors of the Department of  Comprehensive Tax Inspections of the SRC of the RA, being officials  vested with the functions of a representative of the authorities, on  the instructions of the head of the aforementioned department for  selfish purposes, did not fulfill their official obligations to  conduct a comprehensive tax audit in one of the business entities,  thus turning a blind eye "to serious violations committed by the  above beneficiary, thereby creating favorable conditions for  concealing the offense and allowing new violations, and thus causing  serious damage to the state.

The above officials, by prior agreement, for failure to fulfill one's  official obligations in March 2020 demanded and received from the  owner of the aforementioned business entity as a bribe equivalent to  14.807.400 drams or $ 30 thousand, part of which, namely 4,000,000,  were received by one of the inspectors on the 15 km of the  Yerevan-Sevan highway on March 20 of the current year under the  supervision of the National Security Service of the Republic of  Armenia from the director of the LLC, after which the above persons  were caught red-handed.

A criminal case has been instituted. On suspicion of committing a  crime 4 persons were detained. The head of the economic entity  admitted giving a bribe. The inspectors were charged, the arrest was  selected as a measure of restraint. The preliminary investigation  continues to identify all participants in the crime.

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