Monday, March 23 2020 10:59
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Aurora will assist the most vulnerable sectors of society in  connection with the COVID-19 epidemic

Aurora will assist the most vulnerable sectors of society in  connection with the COVID-19 epidemic

ArmInfo. The co-founders and chairmen of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative made a statement in connection with the COVID-19 epidemic.

So, according to the press service of the municipality, signed by  Chairman of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative Tom Katen, chairman of  the Prize Selection Committee Lord Ara Darzi, as well as co-founders  of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative Nubar Afeyan, Vartan Gregorian  and Ruben Vardanyan, in particular, it says: "We we would like to  state that during the outbreak of COVID-19 we will continue our  global activity aimed at helping the most vulnerable members of  society, while supporting local health workers at the forefront of   the crisis.

The mission of Aurora is based on the desire to give people around  the world hope for the best and support those who are in dire need of  humanitarian assistance. This is especially true now that the World  Health Organization has declared the outbreak of COVID-19 a pandemic.  Today, more than ever, we are determined to lend a helping hand to  those who otherwise risk being abandoned or completely forgotten.   The global epidemic has changed the global agenda. While the world  has focused on developing a vaccine and minimizing the negative  effects, refugees and other vulnerable communities, which Aurora has  always supported, continue to suffer and face additional challenges  due to coronavirus. It is extremely important for us not to forget  about them.

"Aurora" will continue to give a chance for a new life for those who  have already experienced so much. At the same time, the initiative  will contribute to combating the pandemic and supporting health  workers by transferring 10 mechanical ventilation devices to  hospitals in Armenia, purchased with funds raised through the  #AraratChallenge campaign.

Aurora is a worldwide movement, and the safety and health of our  global community is very important to us. In these difficult times,  full of uncertainties, one thing remains completely clear: every day  more and more people in the world will need help, and our duty and  responsibility is to provide them with this help.  This is a  challenge that all of humanity has faced, and therefore we urge all  of you to join the Aurora and help us deal with it together. "

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