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Pashinyan: The old world no longer exists, we are entering a new  world

Pashinyan: The old world no longer exists, we are entering a new  world

ArmInfo."The old world no longer exists, we are entering a new world and let's prepare ourselves in this new world for the manifestation and realization of our best positive creative opportunities for promoting national state ambitions," Prime Minister  of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said live on "Shant''.

,  Pashinyan said.

Answering a question about his attitude to the fact that  international organizations significantly reduce their forecasts for  the global economy, Pashinyan noted that all this is no longer  relevant, all this should be forgotten, as the global economy is  heading for collapse. . Now, according to the prime  minister, in fact, the time has come for a real economic revolution.  ''We must do everything possible so that fewer people suffer from the  coronavirus, and the latter, one way or another, will back down, but  the pandemic created new opportunities for us. And we should consider  the situation in this vein'' Pashinyan believes. , Pashinyan  emphasized.

He noted that in addition, all this . , said Nikol  Pashinyan.


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