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Marianna Mkrtchyan

MFA of Russia responded to questions of RA and RF citizens regarding  suspension of passenger traffic

MFA of Russia responded to questions of RA and RF citizens regarding  suspension of passenger traffic

ArmInfo. The Foreign Ministry of Russia responded to questions of the citizens of Armenia and Russia in connection with the termination of passenger traffic.  So,  the Russian Foreign Ministry answered frequently asked questions of  citizens, in particular:

Question one: I am a citizen of Russia or I have a residence permit  in the territory of the Russian Federation. How do I return to  Russia? "You can return home by air. For information on flight  schedules, we recommend that you contact the official representatives  of the airlines," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Second: I am a citizen of Armenia, a stateless person or I have a  temporary residence permit (TRP- participant of the State program).   Can I fly to Russia now? "No, according to paragraph 1 of the order  of the Government of the Russian Federation of March 16, 2020 No.   635-r, from 00 hours 00 minutes March 18, 2020 to 00 hours 00 minutes  May 1, 2020 the entry into the Russian Federation of foreign citizens  is temporarily restricted and stateless persons, "the Russian Foreign  Ministry emphasized.

Third: Who are not covered by this order? " According to clause 2 of  the Order, These restrictions do not apply to accredited or appointed  officials of diplomatic missions and consular agencies of foreign  states in the Russian Federation, international organizations and  their offices, other official foreign representative offices in the  Russian Federation, as well as members of the above-mentioned  persons' families, drivers of vehicles involved in international road  traffic, the crews of aircraft, sea-going and river-going vessels,  train and locomotive teams involved in international railway traffic,  members of official delegations and persons having diplomatic,  business and ordinary private visas issued in connection with the  death of a close relative, persons permanently living in the Russian  Federation and persons transiting local airports", - informed the  Russian Foreign Ministry.

Fourth: I am a citizen of Armenia, can I fly from Russia to Armenia?   "According to the decree of the Government of the Republic of Armenia  No. 303-n dated March 17, 2020 <On the temporary restriction of  communication with the Russian Federation>, namely, paragraph 1,  sub-paragraph <d> and paragraph 2, the return of Armenian citizens  and their families from Russia to Armenia is allowed, "the Russian  Foreign Ministry informed.

Fifth: I am a citizen of the Russian Federation, can I fly from  Russia to Armenia?  "We recommend contacting the consular offices of  the Republic of Armenia on the territory of the Russian Federation  for this information,"  the Russian Foreign Ministry recommend.

Sixth: I am a citizen of Russia, but my relatives are citizens of  Armenia. Can we fly together to Russia? "No, only Russian citizens  and persons holding a residence permit in Russia can fly," the  Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Seventh: When will it be possible to cross the border by car? "At the  moment, the consular department of the Russian Embassy in Armenia  receives information about Russian citizens who wish to cross the  Armenian border and get to Russia via Georgia by land. We remind you  that this is possible only if you have Russian citizenship. If you  have a residence permit, only air traffic! ",  the Russian Foreign  Ministry emphasized.

Eighth: Where and what needs to be reported in order to travel to  Russia by car? "It is necessary to send a message to the e-mail  address indicating the name of those leaving,  their birth dates, as well as the make, model and state number of the  car, contact phone numbers," the Russian MFA summed up.


Оганнисян Манушак
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