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Arayik Harutyunyan: In the Artsakh issue, our approach is this - not  an inch of land to the enemy

Arayik Harutyunyan: In the Artsakh issue, our approach is this - not  an inch of land to the enemy

ArmInfo. Unfortunately, in the near future, the Karabakh issue will not be resolved. Artsakh presidential candidate, leader of the Free Homeland party Arayik Harutyunyan,  stated this in an interview with ArmInfo correspondent.

He noted that in order for Artsakh to be involved in the negotiation  process as a party to the negotiations, a lot of time is needed. "Of  course, Azerbaijan does not want us to participate in the  negotiations, and to this day it is not clear when we will be able to  take part in them as a full party. Therefore, Karabakh needs a strong  army and an efficient economy, this is our trump card," Harutyunyan  emphasized.

When asked by ArmInfo correspondent how the conflict should be  resolved, the presidential candidate answered succinctly: "Our  approach is this - not an inch of land to the enemy. I see no other  solution to the conflict."

Regarding foreign policy, Harutyunyan stated that relations with  Armenia are a priority for Artsakh. "Of course, all areas of  cooperation with Armenia are very important for us. However, in  particular, I would like to highlight the security sector. Also,  economic relations should actively and harmoniously develop between  us. I believe that all branches of government - parliament,  government - should continue to interact to develop cooperation with  each other. After all, we have one homeland - two states. However, I  believe that in the future we should become a single country, "the  presidential candidate emphasized.

Touching upon his election program, Harutyunyan emphasized that one  of the main places in it was occupied by the healthcare, education  and economic sectors. "We intend to quickly ensure economic growth in  the country, the state budget of Artsakh should also increase. Health  care in the country should be free, and the state insurance system  should be introduced in parallel. We attach great importance to  providing our population with their own housing," the presidential  candidate said.

Harutyunyan emphasized that the main driver of economic growth will  be the cultivation of gardens in the NKR. "In 5 years we intend to  plant 10,000 hectares of orchards. Armenian fruits are in demand all  over the world. The most famous are Armenian apricots, peaches and  grapes that we intend to grow. But we are also going to add to this  the cultivation of pomegranates, grapefruits and kiwi. Especially  Kiwi is now quite popular and in demand all over the world, and the  climatic conditions of Karabakh are ideal for cultivating this fruit.  Recently, representatives of the Armenian transport company "Spayka"  visited Artsakh and got acquainted with our potential. It was agreed  upon in the field of orchard cultivation that an agreement was  reached to export fruits from NKR abroad", he stressed.

The head of the Free Homeland party also noted that the condition of  rural communities is of particular importance in his election  program. "We would really like the population of villages not to  decrease but increase each year. We intend to build new schools and  kindergartens in the villages, which will be equipped with modern  technology and sports facilities. In those villages where there is no  gas pipeline, we intend to ensure gas and improve Internet  connectivity. If parents want their child to do some additional or  in-depth activities, we intend to introduce a distance learning  system. Children will be able to contact teachers from Stepanakert  via Skype and study with them additionally'', Harutyunyan stated.

Harutyunyan also noted that if he is elected President of Artsakh,  then in the summer he will visit all villages in the country to give  a start to solving problems of each settlement.

Harutyunyan assessed his chances of victory rather highly. "If I had  a different opinion, I would not have put forward my candidacy.  However, I wish success to all other candidates and I think that the  election campaign for everyone should be extremely correct. Moreover,  I believe that the most important thing is the will of the people,  any decision of the NKR population will be acceptable to me. I would  not want a hatred environment in the country after the elections and  at every election meeting I note that regardless of their political  preferences and who becomes president, the citizens of the country  have a warm and good relationship, "concluded Arayik Harutyunyan.

It should be noted that on March 31 presidential and parliamentary  elections will be held in Artsakh. 14 candidates run for the post of  president of the country.

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