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Ani Mshetsyan

MP: Turkey failed its allies on the Syrian issue, in particular  Russia

MP: Turkey failed its allies on the Syrian issue, in particular  Russia

ArmInfo. The problem of Turkey in Syria is that Ankara began to act contrary to the agreements of all parties that were involved in Syria. Hovhannes Igityan, deputy  chairman of the parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign  Relations, said this in an interview with ArmInfo correspondent.

He noted that Ankara failed its partners on the Syrian issue, in  particular, Russia. "In 2018, there was a breakthrough in the  peaceful settlement of the conflict in Syria. All the players agreed  that all their actions will be aimed at establishing peace, that is,  there was light at the end of the tunnel. And Turkey, by its invasion  of Idlib, has violated all these possibilities",  the MP emphasized.

Igityan noted that Turkish militancy in Syria could neither lead to  intensification of hostilities. "That is why, today, international  players do not perceive Turkey as a country that can have a  beneficial effect on the resolution of conflicts," he said.

As for the upcoming meeting between the President of Russia and  Turkey, Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan, the MP noted that only  Moscow and Ankara could not agree on the Syrian issue. Igityan emphasized.  Asked by  ArmInfo about how likely it is that Azerbaijan will try to take  advantage of this situation and strike at Artsakh, the MP noted:  "Baku should be aware that the situation has changed significantly  since 2016. Then Azerbaijan tried to solve it through military  aggression, but failed, and today , it will be even more difficult  for them, given a number of objective factors.

Firstly, the domestic political and economic situation in Azerbaijan  has deteriorated significantly.  Moreover, the rating of Baku at  various international venues fell sharply, which was associated,  inter alia, with the latest elections. It became obvious that all the  reforms carried out by Baku are nothing but window dressing.  Secondly, the NKR defense army is now much more ready for such a  scenario, and finally, the last factor is the position of Armenia in  the international arena. All these factors make Azerbaijan's attempts  to resolve the issue by military means less likely, "Igityan  concluded. 

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