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The first week of pre-election campaign was held in Artsakh

The first week of pre-election campaign was held in Artsakh

ArmInfo. Last week, pre-election campaign for presidential and parliamentary elections started in Artsakh. Candidates presented their approaches and programs, and also  held meetings with voters.

In particular, Arayik Harutyunyan, presidential candidate from the  Free Homeland party, spoke about his election program on his Facebook  page. According to Harutyunyan's program, strengthening the Artsakh  defense army is necessary, the settlement of the Karabakh-Azerbaijani  conflict should proceed from the interests of the NKR people and from  their security. "Our ultimate goal is the international recognition  of Artsakh. Everyone is equal before the law and we intend to fight  corruption consistently. Changes will also be made in healthcare and  education. Special attention will be paid to repatriation and  democratic sectors.  A consistent increase in pensions, benefits and  salaries is also provided.  Attention will also be paid to sports and  healthcare, " Harutyunyan's  program notes. One of the priority areas  in the Harutyunyan program is the development of the agricultural  sector.

Vitaliy Balasanyan, a candidate from the Justice party, emphasized  the inadmissibility of an environment of injustice and social  polarization. In particular, the presidential candidate said: "Such  an environment in the country can lead to disappointment and  pessimism. This is the reason that many of our compatriots left the  country. This situation is unacceptable and we need radical changes,"  he stressed. Balasanyan noted that he is ready to unite all healthy  forces for the implementation of programs that were developed with  the participation of highly qualified specialists. "We intend to  present our program in the fight against corruption, as well as in  the field of security and the economy," the latter emphasized, saying  that he also intends to solve problems in the social sector.   According to Balasanyan, it is required to increase the size of the  minimum pension and salary. " I think that the minimum pension should  be 60,000 drams, and the minimum wage should be 100,000 drams," the  NKR Presidential candidate stressed.

In turn, the presidential candidate, Artsakh Foreign Minister Masis  Mayilyan said that he would like to emphasize the need for civilized  competition and the inadmissibility of insulting the dignity of  political opponents. "Once again I urge all political forces and all  candidates to abandon the fake war and various manipulations. It  should be understood that times have changed, and that the only way  to be taken seriously and have a perspective is to get out of the  shadow in every sense of the word and compete fairly. I start the  campaign with a clear conscience and with the same expectation from  others, "the NKR Foreign Minister stressed.

Speaker of the Artsakh parliament, presidential candidate from the  "Artsakh Democratic Party" party Ashot Ghulyan at a meeting with  voters with presented his program on demographic improvement of the  situation in the republic. "According to the program, we intend to  increase payments for the birth of a second and subsequent children  up to 1.500.000 drams. And mothers who care for 3 children will be  allocated a benefit in the amount of the minimum wage," said Ghulyan.   Regarding the foreign policy of the country, Ghulyan said that for  the "Democratic Party" of Artsakh the priority is the international  recognition of the NKR, as well as the expansion of international  relations of the republic.

Press Secretary of the NKR President, candidate from the  "Conservative Party of Artsakh" David Babayan stated that it is  necessary to make the future of the country better. "For this, it is  necessary to choose experienced leaders. We intend to protect the  interests of our people. We are all opponents, but should not become  enemies. I urge our people to be active and believe in our strength.   I believe that we need to develop our army and take up strengthening  our country and recognizing its independence, as well as creating a  more just society, "he said.  

David Ishkhanyan, a candidate from the  Dashnaktsutyun party, said:  "according to the party's program, balanced development of Artsakh's  settlements is necessary, in case of 3-4 children's birth, the state  should allocate an amount of 3-4 million drams, housing should also  be allocated for military personnel.  

It should be noted that on March 31 presidential and parliamentary  elections will be held in Artsakh. The current NKR President Bako  Sahakyan does not intend to take part in the elections, and did not  "leave" his successor. Thus, 14 candidates immediately aspire to the  post of President of Artsakh.  

In particular, for the post of head of Artsakh will aspire: Ruslan  Israelyan from the Generation of Independence party, Vitaly  Balasanyan from the Justice party, Masis Mayilyan (self-nominated),  Sergey Amiryan (self-nominated), David Babayan from the Conservative  Artsakh Party, David Ishkhanyan ARF "Dashnaktsutyun", Ashot Ghulyan  "Democratic Party of Artsakh", Kristin Balayan (self-nominated), Hayk  Khanumyan from the "National Revival" party, Arayik Harutyunyan bloc  of "Free Homeland-United Civil Block"parties, Bella Lalayan  (self-nominated), Melsik Poghosyan (self-nominated) Ashot Dadayan  (self- nominated ", Vahan Badasyan from the" United Armenia "party.  

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