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From old “burjuykas” (metal furnace for heating) to modern heating systems. GeoProMining is implementing a large-sclae gasification project of schools

From old “burjuykas” (metal furnace for heating) to modern heating systems. GeoProMining is implementing a large-sclae gasification project of schools

ArmInfo.GeoProMining implements a large-scale project of gasification of the schools in the regions of its presence GeoProMining directed 110 million AMD /230 thousand dollars/ to the project of gasification of the schools

GeoProMining company is completing a large-scale project of  construction of heating systems in the educational institutions of the regions of its presence in Armenia – Gegharkunik and Ararat regions. The first stage of the program provides for gasification and installation of heating systems in five schools, where earlier, for almost 30 years, the task of heating of the classrooms was solved with the help of “burjuykas” and liquid fuel.  

At the first stage of the program,  construction of the heating systems in  three schools of the city of Vardenis has already been completed. Local heating systems based on natural gas have already been connected. Instalation of heating systems in the schools and pre-school institution in the village of Sotk and in one of the schools of Ararat are nearly completing, and it is planned to put them into operation in March 2020.

Ruzanna Grigoryan. Coordinator of the program, Head of the department of external communications and social policy of “GeoProMining”

“As a result of the program, modern and safe heating systems are installed. Local gas pipeline of 1,350 meters is built, and also heating systems with a total area of 15,000 square meters. Total cost of the program amounted to 160 million drams, of which 50 million drams were provided by the schools from their savings, and 110 million drams (230 thousand dollars) was invested by  GeoProMining company”.  We have been working on the preparation and implementation of this program for two years, and we are very pleased to have  it successfully completed. Warm and comfortable study conditions for our children are the result of the collective efforts of our partners and contractors, who supported us in the implementation of the project”.

President of the “GeoProMining” company Roman Khudoliy

“Social investments in educational infrastructure is one of the main priorities of our company corporate and social responsibility policy.  In our social activities we focus on having an educated and healthy young generation. This cannot be achieved without comfortable conditions for organizing those processes, and also motivation.  Without education and sports it is impossible to bring up a strong and effective future generation, and in relation to these issues, we always support healthy initiatives of the citizens and local authorities. Given the successful experience in implementing the first phase of the program, we intend to continue this process. We will resolutely help to ensure comfortable educational conditions in all schools and preschool institutions in the regions of our presence in Armenia”.

Governor of the Gegharkunik region of Armenia Gnel Sanosyan:

“The issue of organizing modern and civil heating of our schools was a really difficult one. Unfortunately, local budgets did not allow implementation of such big projects. Every year we were buying fuel for heating, and all the same, the accumulated funds were not providing comfortable learning conditions for our children. It is difficult to overestimate the financial assistance of GeoProMining in solving this problem. It has moved the solution from a standstill, which has been in the air for many years. In addition, the company is working on a number of other social issues existing in the region, thus ensuring enormous social support to our borderline towns and villages.


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