Friday, February 28 2020 15:43
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Stanislav Zas: CSTO countries are able to reach consensus on any  issues, and I am a clear example of this

Stanislav Zas: CSTO countries are able to reach consensus on any  issues, and I am a clear example of this

ArmInfo.. "The CSTO countries are able to reach consensus on any issues, and I am a clear example of this." The Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, Stanislav Zas, said this in an interview with reporters on February  28, when answering a question about the ability of the Organization's  countries to reach consensus especially on sensitive issues.

"The countries of the Collective Security Treaty Organization are  different. These countries are from different regions pursuing an  independent policy. And this is good. Our task, of course, is to find  opportunities to reach a consensus on all issues related to ensuring  the security of our region. And I I'm sure that this will succeed if  necessary, because everyone has a very responsible attitude to  ensuring security in all states. Believe me, this is so. And the  heads of state, heads of government give these issues primary  importance, realizing that without security the development of the  country, the well-being of the country are impossible, "said the CSTO  Secretary General.

However, he assured that consensus could be reached on any issue.  "Here is a clear example. There were problems, there were different  approaches and different assessments. We found an opportunity for all  countries to resolve outstanding issues and reach consensus,"  Stanislav Zas concluded.

To recall, after Yerevan removed its representative from the post of  CSTO Secretary General (Yuri Khachaturov), a new candidate was not  approved by the Organization for 1.5 years. Yerevan insisted on the  completion of its term of chairmanship, while Belarus insisted that  the next Secretary General should be a representative from their  country. As a result, the new General Secretary was approved only  after the conditions of Yerevan on making amendments to the charter  regarding the appointment and removal from office of the  organization's general secretaries were met, and only after that the  candidate from Belarus was approved, who began to exercise his powers  in January of this year.

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