Friday, February 28 2020 15:40
David Stepanyan

Armenian human rights activist accuses law enforcement officers of  deliberate unwillingness to fight corruption

Armenian human rights activist accuses law enforcement officers of  deliberate unwillingness to fight corruption

ArmInfo.Armenian law enforcement officers are inactive in the fight against corruption  quite deliberately, a human rights activist and Head of the Helsinki Citizens' Assembly (HCA) Vanadzor Offic, expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

"I dare to assert that all the law enforcement and other bodies  mentioned by the Prime Minister the other day are not just unable to,  but simply do not want to make the fight against corruption  effective. The reason is simple - they know very well who, when and  how much they stole and even where it all took out. Only the finances  exported from Armenia are estimated at $ 10 billion, plus, everything  that was plundered before our eyes. The problem rests on the  involvement of many of today's whistleblowers in yesterday's  corruption schemes, "he said. At the last meeting with the leadership  of law enforcement agencies in the government, Prime Minister of  Armenia Nikol Pashinyan stated that the law enforcement agencies in  Armenia were led by traitors. Expressing dissatisfaction with the  pace of the fight against corruption, the prime minister announced  the need for "the return of funds stolen from the people and the  state."

According to the human rights activist, not one of the corruption  schemes operating before the change of power in Armenia after the  change of power was disclosed. In particular, we are talking about  the activities of the National Security Service, the Police, and the  State Revenue Committee. The replacement of the leaders of all these  structures did not lead to an internal purification of the system.  Sakunts considers such a state of affairs illogical, given that  corruption in Armenia was by no means limited to the political elite  and took place with the active participation of the aforementioned  state structures.  Sakunts adheres to a similar opinion regarding the  judiciary, which is corrupt and in no way inferior to other state  structures in a corrupt way. And in order to clear the judicial  "Augean stables" you just need to carefully read the extraordinary  report of the Ombudsman Karen Andreasyan, which was made quite a long  time ago, plus, with a number of publications and investigations by  the media on various corruption schemes in various fields.

"Accordingly, there's absolutely nothing to reinvent the wheel and  make new disclosures. It is just necessary to conduct a professional  and in-depth investigation of the facts that have already been fixed.  The latter cannot be carried out by the law enforcement and judicial  systems responsible for seizing the state in the past,sSuch a system  simply cannot meet the needs and requirements of a democratic and  legal state. It is here that the need arises to implement radical  replacements and changes as soon as possible. All this will be  carried out, the greater will be the likelihood of preservation of  public confidence in the authorities",the human rights activist  summed up.

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