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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Zas: Armenia makes a significant contribution to ensuring collective  security within the framework of the CSTO (video)

Zas: Armenia makes a significant contribution to ensuring collective  security within the framework of the CSTO (video)

ArmInfo. Armenia makes a significant contribution to ensuring collective security within the framework of the CSTO.  Secretary General of the CSTO Stanislav Zas  said this in an interview with reporters on February 28 in Yerevan,  answering a corresponding question.

"Armenia shows itself from an active position. A constructive  business approach to all issues related to strengthening the  organization and its development. This is actually noticeable in all  directions. Even now, in Yerevan, I have already held a number of  meetings: in the Ministry of Defense, and in the parliament, and  today had a conversation with the Minister of Foreign Affairs. And  you know, in all these areas, Armenia works quite effectively and  constructively, "said Zas, and citing the weighty representation of  the Armenian parliament in the CSTO PA and an active position as an  example on this site.

The Secretary General also paid tribute to Armenia for the fact that  it does not put aside documents that need ratification, doing it  quite quickly. "That is quite flexible legislation. Another example  of Armenia's contribution to the CSTO is the example of the Ministry  of Defense of the Republic of Armenia - this year we have planned 7  exercises, two of which will take place on Armenian territory.  Including one major - "Interaction 2020" - exercises with the  Collective Rapid Reaction Forces will be held here. Armenia  traditionally takes this form of troop training very seriously, since  exercises are still the highest form of army training. We are  confident that it will adequately cope with all technical and  organizational issues, and we will conduct these exercises  effectively, "he said.

Speaking about the interaction of Armenia with the CSTO through the  foreign ministry, Zas expressed gratitude to the Armenian Foreign  Ministry for the attention that it pays to the Organization and, in  general, to issues related to security. "One argument can be drawn -  such a major strategic document of the CSTO - the collective security  strategy was developed for a long time until 2025, was completed in  2016. In Yerevan, under the chairmanship of Armenia, this strategy  was approved, a lot of work was done, and it was the Armenian and  especially the Foreign Ministry, that showed itself well. This is  just one of the arguments that characterizes the country's role in  the CSTO," Zas summed up. 

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