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David Stepanyan

Forecast: Lack of effective work leads to a serious drop in the  rating of power

Forecast: Lack of effective work leads to a serious drop in the  rating of power

ArmInfo. Lack of effective work leads to a serious drop in the rating of the authorities. A  similar opinion was expressed by ArmInfo, President of Yerevan Press Club Boris Navasardyan.

"In this light, I really hope that the concern expressed recently by  Prime Minister Pashinyan about the degree of effectiveness of the  fight against corruption will usher in concrete actions. I also hope  that the country's leadership realizes that two years have passed and  the blunder of any link in power is an omission the entire system of  governing the country, for which the prime minister and his political  team are personally responsible, "he said.

According to experts, the real will of the authorities is the only  guarantee of an effective fight against corruption. Such a state of  affairs, in his opinion, is due to extreme slowness, idleness, or  even the movement of institutional and legislative reforms in the  wrong direction. Meanwhile, the effectiveness of the fight against  corruption may depend precisely on these reforms.

According to the YPC President, the return of the stolen millions and  billions is hindered by the lack of professionalism and clearly set  goals of law enforcement agencies and anti-corruption structures.  Moreover, it seems that all these structures are preoccupied with  political affairs to a greater extent than corruption.  And this is  in the conditions of their rather limited resource. For all this, in  his opinion, the political power is responsible, unable to direct, of  course, the pending instructions of law enforcement officers in the  right direction.

Navasardyan appreciated the personnel policy of the authorities,  ensuring the promotion of anyone who expressed loyalty to the  official, as fundamentally wrong. According to his estimates, such  ranks from the past are instantly forgiven. In some cases, even  criminal cases are closed, for example, related to the events of 2015  and 2016. During this period, the Police and other law enforcement  agencies obviously used disproportionate force, which did not prevent  the closure of all related cases.

"Here we are dealing with the visual inaction of the Armenian justice  system. Meanwhile, it seems to me that investigating all these cases  and identifying the culprits is quite easy. However, given that all  this does not happen, this situation is considered by law enforcement  agencies as an encouragement, as unspoken permission to continue  acting outside the framework of the law, in the spirit of a  revolution, "the expert summed up. It should be noted that at a  recent meeting with the leadership of law enforcement agencies in the  government, Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan stated that the  law enforcement agencies in Armenia were led by traitors. Expressing  dissatisfaction with the pace of the fight against corruption, the  prime minister announced the need for "the return of funds stolen  from the people and the state." "Despite the fact that within the  framework of the investigation of corruption cases after the" velvet  revolution ", $ 150 million was returned to the budget, due to the  slowness of law enforcement officers, either the corrupt officials  manage to escape from Armenia or hide or destroy evidence. Not only  key witnesses, but and the suspects and accused in a number of cases  left Armenia, which led the investigation into a dead end. All these  facts compromise the law enforcement system in general and the fight  against corruption in particular, "Pashinyan said. 

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