Tuesday, February 25 2020 14:26
Alexandr Avanesov

"Armenia Airways" imposes restrictions on flights to Iran

"Armenia Airways" imposes restrictions on flights to Iran

ArmInfo. Armenia Airways reports that within the framework of the government's efforts to  combat the spread of coronavirus, it has decided to impose restrictions on flights to Iran.

"We inform you that this week we will carry out flights on Wednesday  and Friday. With these two flights, Iranian citizens will be able to  fly from Armenia to their homeland, and Armenian citizens and people  who have a residence permit in Armenia will be able to return to  Armenia. We hope for your understanding.  We'll inform about the next  flights later, "the airline message said.

To recall, due to the threat of the spread of the coronavirus,  Armenia partially closed the border with Iran for two weeks. The  decision was made on the basis of Article 16 of the Law "On the State  Border", which concerns the temporary suspension of communication  across the state border during the spread of acute diseases. In  particular, flights to Iran and visits to Armenia through the Meghri  checkpoint are suspended.  

To note, Turkey and Georgia have already closed the border with Iran.  As of February 25, in the world, with the exception of Mainland  China, the number of Covid-19 infected with the coronavirus reached  2.438 thousand, having increased by 234 detected cases per day, the  Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post reported. According to  newspaper, the number of coronavirus victims increased during the day  from 26 to 37 people: 12 people died in Iran, nine in South Korea,  seven in Italy, four in Japan, two in Hong Kong, and one death was  recorded in France in Taiwan and the Philippines. Most patients - 893  - were identified in South Korea, in Japan - 838, of which more than  630 were passengers and members of the Diamond Princess quarantined  crew in Yokohama. In Italy, there are 229 patients, in Singapore -  90, in Hong Kong - 81, Iran - 47, Thailand and the USA - 35 each, in  Taiwan - 28, in Australia - 23, in Malaysia - 22, Germany and Vietnam  - 16 each, The United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom - 13 each,  in France - 12, in Macau and Canada - 10 each. Less than 10 cases of  the disease were recorded in the Philippines, India, Kuwait, Spain,  Oman, Russia, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Belgium, Cambodia, Egypt, Finland  , Israel, Lebanon, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Sweden. 

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