Tuesday, February 18 2020 18:21
Ani Mshetsyan

Constitutional Court Judge: Accuse me for a reason, and not based on  fabricated facts

Constitutional Court Judge: Accuse me for a reason, and not based on  fabricated facts

ArmInfo. Judge of the Constitutional Court Feliks Tokhyan refutes information about the  political pressure against him. Tokhyan said this on February 18 in an interview with reporters.

The judge confirmed the information that he met with the speaker of  the parliament Ararat Mirzoyan, emphasizing that the latter is his  former student. "Ararat Mirzoyan and I drank a cup of coffee, but  there was no pressure on me. We discussed some issues and our meeting  was held in a normal friendly environment," said the judge of the  Constitutional Court.

Tokhyan also said that he had met with another judge of the  Constitutional Court Vahe Grigoryan and gave him advice, however, he  did not mentioned details of the talk.

The judge of the Constitutional Court refused to answer questions  related to the upcoming referendum on amendments to the Constitution,  since after the referendum a complaint can be sent to the court and  then he will not be able to participate in the proceedings. Tokhyan  also stated that he was in the Investigative Committee in connection  with the charge against former Deputy Prime Minister Armen Gevorgyan.   In conclusion, the judge called on the media and the public to stop  accusing the Constitutional Court of wrong decisions, recommended  reading the archive of the court, and if evidence is found, publish  it. "The biggest mistake I consider is that we did not work publicly  and did not spread about the decisions made.  Accuse me of the case,  and not on the basis of fabricated facts," said Tokhyan.

It should be noted that on February 6, the parliament adopted a  referendum decision at which Armenian citizens will decide whether  they agree to amend the Constitution of the country. On April 5, a  constitutional referendum will be held in Armenia, at which the issue  of judges of the Constitutional Court will be decided. Many MPs and  human rights activists said that this decision is unconstitutional,  since initially the MPs had to send their proposal to the  Constitutional Court. After that, two campaign headquarters were  formed, which campaign to vote "for" these Constitutional amendments  and "against" them.

According to the decision adopted on February 11 at the meeting of  the CEC, the campaign will be held from February 17 to April 3.

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