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Refinance and get "Credit vacation" on loans secured with real estate at Ardshinbank

Refinance and get "Credit vacation" on loans secured with real estate at Ardshinbank

ArmInfo.Ardshinbank customers have the opportunity to go on "Credit vacation" when refinancing a loan in Armenian Drams secured with real estate. By transferring the real estate loan to Ardshinbank, the customer will have the opportunity to use "Credit Vacation", which means 0% interest rate and free service during the first 6 months.

At the same time, the interest rate on the loan can be reduced to 3 percentage points from their interest rate. Moreover, the borrower will be able to extend the loan term and ease the monthly burden of the loan repayment. The minimum requirements for refinancing a loan are the on-time repayments made by the customer before or positive credit history.

The annual interest rate of the loan has dropped to 12.12%, the maximum credit limit has increased to AMD 150 million, the maximum term is now 10 years, and the loan is available at 100% LTV ratio with a grace period of up to 24 months. Moreover, the loan is provided also without a mandatory requirement for income analysis.

To recall, Ardshinbank's responsible borrowers receive a 5% cashback from the interest they paid for real estate loans.

For further details on loans with real estate pledge, please visit https://goo.gl/t5yZYv or call Ardshinbank's 24/7 call center at 012222222.

but not lower than 12.12%

effective annual interest rate starts from 14.49%


Ardshinbank is one of the leaders in all key financial indicators of the RA banking system. It is the only private entity in Armenia that has issued euro bonds in international capital markets. Ardshinbank has assigned ratings from two international major rating agencies (Moody’s and Fitch) equal to the rating of sovereign. The prestigious magazine Global Finance named Ardshinbank “The Safest Bank in Armenia for 2019’’.


The Bank is controlled by the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia.

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