Saturday, February 15 2020 14:19
Karina Manukyan

12 candidates applied for presidential elections in Artsakh

12 candidates applied for presidential elections in Artsakh

ArmInfo. 12 candidates submitted applications to the CEC to participate in the upcoming March 31 presidential election in the Republic of Artsakh. This is  reported by the NKR Central Election Commission.

Candidate from the Generation of Independence party Ruslan Israelyan,  leader of the Free Homeland party, ex-state minister of Artsakh Araik  Harutyunyan, speaker of the NKR National Assembly, leader of the  Artsakh Democratic Party Ashot Gulyan, press secretary of Artsakh  president David Babayan from the party submitted their applications  , ex-secretary of the Karabakh  Security Council Vitaly Balasanyan from the Justice party, Karabakh  Foreign Minister Masis Mayilyan, self-nominated candidate, David  Ishkhanyan from the ARF party, Hayk Hanumyan from  the , self-nominated people Sergei Amiryan,  Kristin Balayan, Bella Lalayan and Melsik Poghosyan. Applications for  participation in the parliamentary elections were submitted by 6  parties and one bloc. These are the Artsakh Conservative Party (16  candidates), the United Homeland party (62 candidates), the National  Revival party (20 candidates), the ARF Dashnaktsutyun party (33  candidates), the Artsakh Democratic Party (33 candidates) and the  party (35 candidates). The block of parties "Free Homeland"  and "Civil United Alliance" nominated 65 candidates. It should be  noted that on March 31, 2020, presidential and parliamentary  elections will be held in Artsakh. 

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