Friday, February 14 2020 14:59
David Stepanyan

Specialist in Iranian studies: Russia and Iran are quite active  against Turkey

Specialist in Iranian studies: Russia and Iran are quite active  against Turkey

ArmInfo. Russia and Iran are quite active in Syria's Idlib against Turkey.  Head of the Department of Iranian Studies of Yerevan State University Vardan Voskanyan  expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo. 

"It is these military operations that remain in the remnant of  informational hype and diplomatic formalities and tricks. It is these  military actions that attract our attention, when we begin to name  things by their proper names. In my opinion, this whole situation is  extremely remarkable and interesting," he said.

According to Voskanyan's forecasts, the latest impulses around the  situation in Syria can leave a serious mark on the further fate of  the entire Middle East region. In the light of events in the Idlib  region, Voskanyan recalled his own many forecasts regarding the  impossibility of a long-term strategic partnership between Russia and  Turkey in the Middle East.

"The clash of interests between Moscow and Ankara has always been and  will always be for one very simple reason. These interests, going  into the long term, immediately lose even the possibility of  coincidence. Not to mention their contradictory nature in a number of  areas and geopolitical directions," he summed up. 


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Теперь и другим, более крупным чем армяне партнерам Турции могут открыться глаза на неуступчивость и несговорчивость турецких представителей. Следуя своей логике, Эрдоган пытается не на своей территории создать санитарный кордон с использованием своей пятой колонны, туркоманами из Идлиба. Однако этот кордон между турецкими и сирийскими курдами, по идее Анкары, - в явном противоречии с интересами мира и стабильности в целом регионе.

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